5 Las Vegas VIP Lounges You Need to Try

VIP lounges come in all varieties, with different services and amenities for their patrons, but Las Vegas stands out for having some of the classiest, most exclusive VIP spots out there. Whether you’re just passing through or are a Vegas native, these VIP lounges will leave you feeling like royalty every time. Keep reading to learn more about these five Las Vegas VIP lounges you need to try.

1. The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay

Located at the top of the Mandalay Bay building, The Foundation is a lounge you’ll want to experience. With excellent VIP services, you’ll feel like a king (or queen) as you’re treated to some of the best service that Vegas has to offer.

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is already well-known for its high-class service and facilities, and The Foundation Room is no different. The standards of sophistication and elegance are well maintained and encouraged, giving you the chance to enjoy your night out in style.

Featuring bottle service, happy hours, the DEITY dancer experience, and the best in live entertainment, this VIP lounge makes the top of our list and should definitely be included on yours. Stop in tonight to see why this lounge continues to be one of the hottest spots in Vegas.

2. Clique Bar and Lounge

If there’s anything Clique does well, it’s style and comfort. The ultimate VIP experience awaits you at this sophisticated yet casual nightclub, complete with tableside mixology and excellent music. The Las Vegas lounge is home to a staff who are experts in all they do; from serving to mixing drinks to the talented performers who will make your night a memorable one.

Clique is located in The Cosmopolitan, on the Casino floor, so you’ll be able to enjoy both your stay in Vegas and your nightlife in comfort and class. The Cosmo is one of the best-rated hotels in the city, a perfect spot for this incredible lounge.

Open daily from 4 pm to 4 am, the party goes all night. Food is only served until 1 am, so if you want to get your hands on the lounge’s signature wings or deep-fried Oreos, you’ll want to get there a little early.

3. The Voodoo Lounge at Rio

The Voodoo is a rooftop nightclub located on the 50th and 51st floor of The Rio Hotel and Casino, and it’s easy to see what makes this nightclub so special. Sporting an impressive view of the city below, The Voodoo will stimulate all of your senses at once with incredible music, beverages, and a club experience you won’t soon forget.

With some pretty unique drinks, such as The Witch Doctor cocktail, complete with dry ice and rum, The Voodoo stands out as a classy yet laid-back nightclub with more than its share of amenities. Bottle service is available, and you can dine at the famous Voodoo Steakhouse before heading up to the rooftop to dance the night away.

The club opens at 8 pm nightly and has some amazing reviews from patrons and critics alike. What’s not to like about partying 51 floors above street level, the stars above your head, a one-of-a-kind drink in your hand, and a view of the surrounding lights?

4. Apex Social Club at The Palms Resort

Staying at Palms Resort for your visit to sunny Las Vegas? You’ll want to visit the Apex Social Club during your stay for a lesson in sophisticated nightlife and personalized VIP services. Yet another one of Vegas’ signature rooftop-style clubs, The Apex has something to offer party-goers and nightlife enthusiasts alike.

This 8,000 square foot rooftop club provides not only a stunning view of the sky and the surrounding desert, but the city below shines with glistening brilliance as you look down from atop one of the best resorts it has to offer.

With the club’s VIP services, you won’t need to wait in any lines, or even be a part of the rabble of the nightly crowd. With private rooms, bottle service, and friendly staff, you’ll be treated to a VIP experience you won’t soon forget!

Did we mention the incredible art pieces that decorate the floors of the club? A unique architectural scheme makes the inside of this rooftop club something to be seen. Take a tour on the website to learn exactly what we mean. Your curiosity won’t be able to remain unchallenged once you see this dazzling nightclub first hand.

5. Vista Cocktail Lounge at Caeser’s Palace

Caeser’s Palace is one of the most popular spots in Vegas. From the luxury hotel to the stunning Casino, the resort has made a name for itself in style, elegance, and creative architecture. The Vista is the ultimate VIP experience for patrons of Caeser’s and it’s easy to see why.

With stunning decor and a floor plan that is spacious and elegant, you’ll feel comfortable and safe within this laid-back cocktail lounge. Request VIP service for complimentary entry, as well as incredible service from the lounge’s well-trained and professional staff.

The lounge actually gets its name from the advanced LED display of dazzling skylines from all over the world, which are constantly rotating and changing to give you an amazing cinematic experience while you enjoy hand-crafted drinks and VIP service.

With a drinks list to quench your thirst, visually stunning effects, and an atmosphere like no other, The Vista is a must-see destination for nightlife-enthusiasts everywhere.

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