What Does Walleye Taste Like? Find Out the Surprising Answer You Need To Know!

There are many fishes in the sea (and the river!) that you can buy at the supermarket. You see a lot of them, mostly, in their filleted forms. You don’t always see the whole fish in stores, except the smaller fishes. So, it’s likely that you may not be familiar with how some fishes look at all!

What does walleye taste like? I think the better first question is what does walleye look like? How do you prepare walleye? If you are a fishing enthusiast, you might even want to catch one yourself! How do you fish for walleye? I’ll do my best to answer all your questions!

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What do Scallops Taste Like? Find Out For The Amazing Flavor of the Sea!

The scallop is a prized seafood that is often costly and sometimes hard to find. Five-star restaurants charge a lot for a few pieces of this tasty seafood. Yes, it's tasty! Well, I bet you don’t know about that! That’s why you got here in the first place. Right? You wanted to find out what do scallops taste like!

I know a lot of times you hesitated to order this in restaurants. I feel you, that’s okay. I know, you’re not sure if you will like it or not and you are not willing to buy something you are not sure you will like!

Before answering what it tastes like, let’s find out what a scallop is first. Let’s look at the different types and different ways to eat them! I guess this is important so at least you get a hint of how it would taste. More importantly, if you happen to like them, you might want to cook it yourself, right? Let’s see how you can have the freshest scallops!

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Can You Freeze Chicken Salad? Here Are a Few Proven Ways You Need To Know!

Whenever you prepare for parties and family gatherings, you just can’t imagine how it would feel when you run out of food! I can feel you! Everyone doesn’t like to run out of food in the middle of the party! But sometimes (or always!), you tend to overestimate the food you serve!

Or maybe, you just love chicken salad so much, but you don’t have the time to make it every day. You suddenly got this brilliant idea to make a huge, huge, batch and have it easily available whenever you want to have some! But can you freeze chicken salad?

If you freeze chicken salad, how long will it last? How do I freeze chicken salad? Will I still get a good consistency after thawing it? How do you thaw chicken salad? I believe these are some of the few questions playing in your mind. So, let’s see what we can do with that huge pile of chicken salad!​

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What Does Eel Taste Like? The Answer Plus All You Need To Know

If you’ve seen an eel, you must have asked this question, “What does eel taste like?” Looking at its slimy appearance, you may have thought that the taste will be kind of weird. But do you know that its snake-like appearance hides a pleasant taste?

I got to learn all this information after trying this exotic food from a restaurant. Aside from the taste, I’ll be teaching you some facts about the fish and how you can prepare it properly. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

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7 Awesome Coconut Extract Substitute You Need To Know!

Come to think of it; coconut is not a nut! It is a stone fruit (or a drupe in some fancy botany term)! Coconut is an amazing fruit that has a lot of use! In the tropics, it’s called many names about the number of uses it has! In the tropics, it’s sometimes referred to as the “tree of a thousand uses” or the “tree of life.”

I will not disagree with them! From the palm to the roots, people have found uses for the coconut! In the kitchen, the fruit itself is of high value! Guess what! Coconut extract comes from the coconut! In case you don’t have it, what coconut extract substitute can you use?

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The Best Countertop Convection Oven Of 2017: All The Guide You Need To Know

If you like a more efficient oven that can save space in your kitchen, then a countertop convection oven might be your best solution. But with the many brands available in the market today, choosing the best countertop convection oven can be difficult. To help you with this shopping dilemma, we’ll review five of the most popular convection models and share some useful buying tips.

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What Is The Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker For 2017? Check It Out Here

Are you shopping for a new rice cooker with a stainless steel inner pot? If you are, then you come to the right place. In this article, we’ll help you find the best stainless steel rice cooker that offers the best value.

Due to the potential harm that aluminum and nonstick coated inner pots can give, many people have asked us about stainless steel rice cookers. To make your selection easier, we’ll review five popular stainless steel rice cookers by looking at each of their features. If interested to know, check our guide and reviews.

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3 Methods How to Cook Parboiled Rice With Ease

Brown rice is a great source of carbohydrates packed with all the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients washed away when milling white rice. This leaves your whole brown rice with all its oil and nutty flavor.

If you are not a fan of brown rice, then white rice sucks! The same process that gives you white rice takes out the some of the essential nutrients from it! Well, there is a great alternative for brown rice if you don’t like it.

You may want parboiled rice instead. How to cook parboiled rice? Well, let’s find out soon!

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What Does Bison Taste Like?The Answer Will Make You Change Your Mind About Beef

What does Bison taste like? You can hear this question permeating in the beef aisle of your favorite market now and then. The reason could only boil down to one single reason — not much has been heard about this alternative as almost everyone is going after the perennial beef. But what does it taste like and how does it compare to beef regarding its health benefits?

This article is dedicated to those who have just started to jump in the bison bandwagon. Along the way, we’ll also disclose some of the ways you can cook your bison and how it differs from the rest of the other red meats out there.

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5 Best Faucet Water Filter In The Competition and #4 Is The Real Deal!

Nowadays, optimizing the numerous healthy benefits of your water and filtering some of its unwanted components seem to be easier said than done. With the market for faucet water filters that is now swarmed with overwhelming options, it’s so easy to get lost in them.

And if you’re next to clueless, your quest on finding the best faucet water filter might be derailed sooner than you think. This article is dedicated to you and some of us who are still finding the best one in the competition!

As such, we’ll also be discussing the basics on the faucet water filter system. These include its operation, its known benefits, its installation and the buying guide that you’ll ever need. Later on, the five best faucet water filters will be disclosed to make further your selection easier and more informed.

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