How To Safely Use An Electronic Smoker?

If you are looking to eliminate the guesswork when smoking meats, then the electronic smoker would be the right match for your cooking needs. It’s a no-brainer to use even for beginners. However, safety measures need to be in place so you avoid mishaps when you smoke your meats.

Smoking has always been the best option for those who are looking for a healthy and sumptuous feast. When you smoke meats, you get to cook it at low temperatures and slow cooking time which adds to the richness and smokiness of the flavor plus also preserves the quality and freshness of the meat.

What is the Best Type of Smoker for You?

We all have different needs and preferences with everything, even when it comes to cooking appliances like smokers. There is a right type of smoker for every individual.

According to Yahoo News, If you want to learn how to barbecue, the old style, then a traditional offset smoker would do the trick. This is the best way to learn the barbecue craft and smoke the classic and challenging route. 

 If you love that smoky aroma and taste plus the convenience factor then an electronic smoker would be the perfect fit.

There are digital and analog styles of electronic smokers to choose from. You can also decide whether you need an electric cabinet smoker type which is similar to a small refrigerator or a vertical electric smoker which is best used in warm weather.

The best type of electronic smoker would be one that gives you more control and power over smoking your favorite hotdogs and ribs so it comes out as mouth-watering and savory as you want it. Whether you are looking for one that gives more value for your money or the high-end features for an extra price then there is an electronic smoker that would surely fit your expectations.

Steps on How to Safely Use an Electronic Smoker

Just when you thought you did your homework and have covered the basics, there are things that could go out of control when you least expect it. Knowing the basics and the safety precautions of using an electric smoker can help you prepare delicious meals without falling into any smoking mishap.

Read and Understand the User Manual

You can’t just use any equipment or appliances without reading the manufacturer’s instruction or user manual first. There is a booklet included in your electronic smoker or you can check the official website directly for instructions and safety guidelines. Treat this as a bible in using your electric smoker.

Buy the Right Wood Chips

It takes around 4 cups of flavored wood chips to cook or smoke for 3 to 5 hours. You can purchase wood chips online, in grocery stores, or hardware specialty shops. There are different flavored wood chips to choose from like plum, alder, hickory, or cedar. However, there are smokers that work with a specific type of wood chips so you should check on this when you purchase an electronic smoker.

Check the Smoker Temperature

Most electronic smokers have built-in internal temperature control or gauge. It is important to set the temperature first and then wait until the desired temperature is achieved before you place the meat and start the smoking process.

Keep the Smoker in a Dry and Safe Place

Smokers are designed to be set up outdoors as the smoke can be nauseating if you set it up indoors. For condos or apartments though, you can opt to place smokers inside especially if your electronic smoker has a smoke control feature. Always set your smokers in a dry and safe place; preferably roofed places. Check for a solid and hard surface. Make sure that your smokers stay dry even if it’s stored away by using a protective cover. It can be hazardous when smokers get wet because this can cause damage and premature wear and tear of electric parts.

Fill Smoker Pans with Water and Wood Chips

If your smoker has a water pan, it is important to fill it with wood chips and water. The water stabilizes the temperature and the wood chips help accentuate the flavors and aroma of the meat. It is recommended to add more wood chips as you smoke to keep the texture and flavors consistent and up to your desired taste. Always check on the water content as it would need refilling every now and then.

Wait Until the Right Temperature is Achieved Before You Put the Meat In

This is one of the most common mistakes when handling smokers. To heat up the smoker, treat it as an oven, you have to set it to the desired temperature and then put the food inside once the smoker has reached its target temperature and not before it reaches that. Check when the wood chips are starting to burn and that would be your cue.

Put the Meat in as Quickly as Possible

With smoking meat, timing is really everything. Once the temperature is all set, you have to put the meat in quickly. You need to do this in a snap or you could lose more temperature and smoke when you leave the doors open for so long. The best way to do this is to plan ahead and test how much meat you can put into the smoking racks so you would know how to execute.

Stick to the Recipe

This is particularly true to those who are new with using electric smokers. You have to follow the recipe and then adjust your smoking temperature or hours after that. It is advisable to choose a smoker with a window so you can always check on how the meat is doing while smoking.

Use Heat-Resistant Gloves

When handling any hot food, you must always wear protective or heat-resistant gloves to avoid burns or scalds when taking out the food from the electronic smoker. Prevention is always better than cure so wearing protective clothing and gloves would surely help you avoid any dangers or accidents in food preparation.

Clean Your Smoker ASAP!

Getting your smoker cleaned up after using it is a great way to keep it in good shape and condition for many years. First off, you have to allow it to cool down and then that’s when you clean it up to decrease the chances of having accumulated dust and debris that can also spoil or affect the taste and quality of your food. Cleaning your smoker helps you keep healthy by serving delicious and clean meals for the family.

If you have no clue how to use an electronic smoker and what smoker to use, then here are CookoutPal Smoker Reviews – Check em out here!. We all start clueless at many points in our lives and yet survive it all with a few necessary glitches to teach some lessons. There are many trials and errors when using smokers but keeping the points easy to follow and simple to use will help you use the electronic smoker safely and accurately in every cookout. 

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