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When to Refurbish or Replace: Commercial Induction Cooktops

The lifetime hours of commercial kitchen equipment may vary greatly due to the brand, usage, maintenance. When to refurbish or replace your commercial induction cooktops depend on the actual situation and some replacement hints.

Overview: Commercial Induction Cooker

How do the commercial induction cookers  work? Their heating element does not generate heat, only the electromagnetic field. The magnetic field reacts with induction cookware and uses friction to cook food. Cookware and food are the only things that get hot, which makes it one of the safest cooking methods.

With the development of induction heating technology, the internal innovation of commercial induction hobs provides operators with better control and higher durability. Adjustable power, timer, and temperature control can truly meet the application of high temperature and high humidity commercial kitchen environments. The technology has extended to major cooking ways, such as flat or frying pan devices, fryers, frying grills, soup boilers, steam ovens, commercial hob with burners, etc.

They also look very practical and beautiful. From the external structure point of view, the commercial induction cooker uses a thick stainless steel shell, ceramic glass top, or a composite bottom pot with iron. You can adjust the legs of the stove to different heights. In terms of installation methods, commercial induction cooker ranges are available in countertop versions with single or double burner, built-in and freestanding versions, providing front-to-back or side-by-side configurations. From the control modes, the manufacturer can provide the knob / push-button / touch panel operation.

Lifetime hours: How long will the product last?

If you plan to switch or use the induction burners, please consult the expected hours and service life of the device to the manufacturer or supplier.

The commercial induction cooker manufacturer says commercial equipment design for 30,000 hours, which is equivalent to 10 hours per day for 8 years. According to Falcon Industries, a commercial cooktop supplier in the United Kingdom indicates that typical domestic models have an average of about 2,500 cooking hours. If you cook two hours a day, the life expectancy will exceed 3 1/2 years.

There is often a gap between reality and expectations because the service life of induction equipment depends on factors such as the product itself, working time, and human operation.

A maintenance technician from the Lestov factory listed some important factors that can extend the service life of commercial induction units as below:

(1) Induction core component module

We recommend the electromagnetic unit using the “Infineon” IGBT module and pure copper magnetic coil because you will benefit from the outstanding performance, efficiency, and long life of these highly reliable products. Before purchasing, please consult the manufacturer or supplier for the component internal structure of the induction cooker.

(2) Glass thickness

The 220v countertop induction cooker can meet both home and commercial use. The glass usually designs to 4mm thick. The thickness of the glass for commercial burner ranges is 6mm, which can withstand tough treatment . Nonetheless, you cannot really “abuse” on top of the glass (by beating, sliding, or throwing your pot at will).

For information on the strength of Lestov’s induction glass, Please see the following table:

Glass TestProcess & Conclusion
Drop shock testThe ceramic plate is in a stable horizontal position, and a flat-bottom aluminum vessel (more than 12CM) is filled with sand of a total weight of 1.8KG, then make the vessel drop from the height of 15CM to the induction cooker panel 10 times in a row, the panel is intact.
Withstand heat shock testPut the ceramic glass heat up to 600 ℃, keep it warm for 30 minutes, and then directly put into 0℃ water, the glass panel is intact.
Printing fade testUse alcohol, 10% sodium hydroxide solution, and citric acid solution, scrubbing detergent 15 times without fading. It won’t fade after 3000 times of simulated cooking.

(3) Power rating

The higher the rated power, the shorter the cooking time, which extends the service time of the equipment to a certain extent. The easiest way is to compare the boiling time through the boiling test.

(4) Heat zone size

The selection of cookware belongs to the important content of induction cooker safety and maintenance.Commercial induction ranges / cooktops have a min and max pot size to match each heating element.

Before we buy an induction stove, we must ask the manufacturer about the glass surface size, heating diameter and minimum pot diameter to avoid equipment failure.

Taking the top ceramic glass cooktop of the Lestov brand as an example, check the table below for the minimum diameter range of the pot:

(5) Cookware material

The cookware used on the induction cooker must be a ferromagnetic material with relatively good magnetic permeability, such as cast iron, A3 iron pan, stainless iron pan, etc. Because the non-conductive material cannot effectively concentrate the magnetic field lines and almost does not form eddy currents, so there is almost no thermal energy generated.

(6) Cooking time

The design of the commercial induction stove has fully considered the chef’s long-term cooking needs. Of course, reducing working hours is a direct way to extend service life.

(7) Man-made Operation

Before installing the equipment, make sure that the electricity in the actual restaurant is safe. During the installation process, the operator should leave at least 4 inches (about 10 cm) or more within the suction range to ensure that the ventilation holes and fans in the equipment enclosure are unobstructed. In the process of use, pay attention to follow the instructions and regularly maintain and clean commercial induction equipment.

When to Refurbish or Replace your induction cooktops commercial

Paying attention to the extension of the service life of the induction burners will have a certain impact on the equipment refurbishment and replacement time.

According to a professional repairer from Lestov Induction Cooktop factory, for a busy commercial restaurant or restaurant, the best time to renovate a commercial induction wok range (whether 220v desktop or 380v vertical) under normal use is 3-4 years between. The desktop induction cooker only needs to replace the knob switch, PCB main board and fan; the vertical furnace needs to replace the new movement and fan.

However, when the following three signs appear, it indicates that you need to refurbish or replace the induction cooker:

(1) Water into the induction component (Chip)

Although manufacturers of brand-name commercial induction cooktops have made waterproof designs on stainless steel housings, cooling fans, and IGBT boxes, restaurant operators often flush the equipment directly with water, which has violated the operating instructions.

If a large amount of moisture or water penetrates inside the device, induction components may be damaged. In fact, after the chip immersed in water for more than 5 days, your commercial induction cooker will directly be scrapped and unable to be repaired.

(2) Damaged glass surface

The glass broken cannot be repaired. To avoid possible electric shock risk, the operator should immediately cut off the power and replace the glass. If water enters the coil or main board and damages the heating element, you must replace the commercial induction burner.

(3) Suddenly stop heating

When an old or frequently used induction cooker suddenly fails to work, its service life is likely to be over and the catering operator needs to replace the equipment.

When the device provides a visual fault code prompt or cannot operate the thermostat device, this is the internal self-diagnostic function of the commercial induction cooker series. The operator can ask its manufacturer or service agent to understand the cause of the failure and troubleshooting. If the electronic components are damaged, it means that you need to refurbish or replace the corresponding accessories of the induction cooker.

Making the right choice

In addition to the quality of the commercial induction griddle itself, any hints of signs of renovation or replacement are related to common applications, designated precautions, and maintenance techniques, all of which occur after the purchase.

Buying any major commercial catering equipment is a huge expense, so choosing the right equipment is very important. The best way is to buy from professional or brand induction cooker manufacturers. Please ask all details related to the induction cookers before purchasing.

Kitchen Gadgets that Make it Easier to Lose Weight

A balanced menu, reduced daily calorie intake, proper heat treatment of dishes – these are the important components without which it is impossible to imagine a diet. And when there are healthy appliances and devices in the kitchen, the cooking process will not seem boring and exhausting. Want to learn more about these gadgets? Read on cookingtopgear.

But most importantly – many gadgets make it much easier to lose weight. With what devices and electronics can excess weight be thrown off much more effectively?

Kitchen scales: small portions to combat overweight

Scales are the first thing worth equipping your own kitchen if you decide to lose weight. Balancing your diet means reducing your portion size. A scale will certainly help you control how much you eat. Some people who are losing weight are also strict about calories. And here too, you need to constantly weigh ingredients for cooking or already prepared dishes to calculate the total calorie value of your lunch. You can’t do without weighs if you choose a specific diet with a clearly defined diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you want to buy a more advanced gadget, you can choose “smart” scales. Such devices not only weigh food but also are able to analyze the calorie and nutrient composition of food and ready-made dishes. The scale is synchronized with the mobile device, and all the necessary information appears on its screen. The device cannot determine which product you have placed on its work surface, all input data for analysis must be entered manually.

Steamer: correct heat treatment of slimming products

You will have to part with excess weight for a very long time if you do not change the approach to cooking. To reduce calorie levels, steam the food. And that’s where the steamer comes in handy. It should certainly have a place of honor in your kitchen!

Steamer dishes retain their color, shape, and a significant portion of vitamins. These dishes are very juicy, do not contain “extra” calories and do not leave a heaviness in the stomach after eating.

Fruit and berry dryer: vitamins for winter, natural chips

A healthy diet is the regular consumption of fruits, berries, and vegetables. These are valuable sources of fiber necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive system, vitamins, and minerals. And so that in winter the diet also contains nutrients, fruits and vegetables can be dried.

A special dryer will be very useful. You just lay out the sliced fruit on the shelves, which is equipped with the device, display the desired temperature and time, turn on the device. You can make delicious fruit and vegetable chips in the dryer. This is a snack from which you will not gain weight for sure.

Dryers of different sizes and capacities are available. From all the variety of gadgets you’ll be sure to find the perfect appliance for your own kitchen.

“Smart” spoons and forks: a leisurely meal

In online stores, you can order interesting gadgets that may be of interest to losing weight. These are electronic forks and spoons. They look very similar to ordinary cutlery. But they can do much more.

“Smart” spoons with forks have a display and can talk. Electronic cutlery will tell you how many times you’ve brought it to your mouth, advise you when to stop eating, stop you if you eat too fast. It’s all very important for weight loss.

“Smart” plate: control the amount of food you eat, calorie count.

If you are not satisfied with the electronic spoon as a conversation partner at lunch, you can experiment with another gadget – a “smart” plate.

The electronic plate knows how to determine the weight of the dish. This can be done with the help of kitchen scales, so more useful is another function – an approximate calculation of calories in a dish. It takes a long time to calculate the calorie value of a meal made from many foods. As long as you think about it, the dish will cool down. Here, a smart plate will be a very useful gadget.

Oil sprayer: less fat in the diet

An important rule of slimming is to use a minimum of oil for preparing dishes. This applies mainly to the roasting process. If you take less oil, you can easily reduce calories in your daily diet.

Use an oil spray to prepare your meals. This is a handy bottle in which vegetable oil is poured. When you press the button, the oil will be sprayed in the pan. This will allow you to dose the amount of fat clearly. The oil bottle is also very handy if you need to cover the product evenly with oil – for example, chicken or fish fillets before baking in the oven.

Plastic containers: food storage, office lunches

Effective weight loss is good nutrition both at home and in the office. To lose weight, it is better to forget about calorie snacks in fast food restaurants. All dishes here are very calorie. During the lunch break at work, it is quite realistic to eat nutritionally and at the same time useful. Cook at home and take ready meals with you to work. Plastic lunch boxes will come in handy.

A quality airtight container will keep the food fresh and fragrant. Some of them are also suitable for microwave heating. Choose these lunch boxes if you are cooking a vegetable soup that you want to eat hot for work. Roomy containers with dividers (that zone the internal space into different compartments) make it much easier to lose weight. In this lunch box, you can easily fit several dishes at once – salad, vegetable cutlet, and side dish. Very handy gadget.

You can also find “smart” containers. Some devices are equipped with an electronic lock with a code – no one, without knowing the password, will not open the lunchbox. There are containers with a special electronic timer. You close the lunch box for a certain period of time, and it will not open until the set time has passed. A convenient gadget for those who want to hide a piece of cake from themselves in the refrigerator — no matter what you do, the lid of the container will open only in the prescribed time, you will have to wait.

Author bio: Iren is the editor of articles on She writes reviews on various kitchen gadgets. As well as articles about proper nutrition.

Guide to Wrapping Brisket – Learn When to Wrap

If you are a brisket lover then you must know that this is very delicious and this is an inexpensive way to serve a satisfying dinner. Experts can make brisket easily as they know how to do it. But if you are a beginner smokers then no worry. 

You should have patience and time if you want to make the best brisket. And you need to wrap the brisket, but the question is when to wrap the brisket?

This guide will share every detail about this. 

Why Do You Need to Wrap Brisket?

Many people around you may cook brisket but they do not know why to wrap brisket. Well, wrapping the brisket speeds-up the processing time. And you will get the juicy brisket to eat. 

When you smoke meat at a high-temperature, this will quickly increase the internal temperature, as a result, the moisture of the meat will come outside and make the brisket hard. That you’ll not love to eat. 

So wrapping the brisket is a must if you want to eat the best smokey and juicy brisket.  We’ll cover when to wrap the brisket in the next section of this guide, keep on reading…

When to Wrap Brisket?

No wrap (bare naked), Aluminum foil and butcher paper – these are the three main options in terms of wrapping the brisket. These three methods change the whole taste of your brisket. 

When the internal temperature of your brisket reaches 150 Degrees F and when your brisket takes the dark bark formed, you need to wrap the brisket. You’ll need a meat thermometer to check the temp for the brisket. 

So let’s get into these three methods of wrapping your brisket – 

No wrap Brisket – When making your brisket without wrapping and with spices, it is called no-wrap brisket. The best part about the brisket is – you can cook this without wrapping it. But remember, this method will take you longer than the wrapping method. 

If you are going to make brisket in this method, then remember it has a greater risk of drying the meat. With a lot of practice and little care, your brisket will be fine. Also, it has a good side as well – you will get the maximum smoky flavor from the naked brisket. 

You can try making the naked brisket if you want to eat crunchy and powerful smoky flavor brisket.

Brisket in Aluminum Foil – This method is very popular with the BBQ Pitmasters. Also smokers for beginner , this method would be ideal and easier. Wrapping the brisket in the foil paper means there are no chances of drying out your brisket. 

Besides, the foil wrapping gives a juicy brisket since the brisket cooks with all of its juices. Foil wrapping brisket doesn’t provide the best smokey flavor. Also, you cannot eat crunchy brisket.

The best part of the foil wrap brisket is – there are fewer chances of burning your brisket. If you choose this method, you’ll also need a meat thermometer to check the internal meat temperature. 

Brisket in Butcher Paper – This method also decreases the cooking time to make your brisket. Plus this method is the easiest method than the rest three. And one of the favorite methods to the brisket makers. This provides most of the benefits to make your job easier. 

The butcher paper keeps the meat from drying out to give you a juicy brisket since it becomes the warm blanket of fat soaked paper and when you smoke this braises the smoke and does not let it dry. 

This paper allows the meat to breathe that foil paper doesn’t allow. At the end of making the brisket, you’ll get the taste you are expecting.

No matter whether you are new to making BBQ or an expert, these three methods are the easiest way. But if you are new then we’d say you should choose the butcher paper or foil paper wrapping method instead of no wrapping. 

Since the no wrapping method takes a lot of time to cook a brisket and chances are burning the item. With practice, you can use the No Wrap method as well. 

You should take your taste to the next level, so try practicing different brisket recipes and find out which you love to eat.

Brisket Wrap Recipe

You will need boneless meat to get the best result. Choose beef meat to prepare the brisket since this is very popular. Here we are going to share Texas Crutch Smoked Brisket. This BBQ brisket is an extremely delicious, juicy and tender flavor. Overall, you’ll need a little time to make the brisket.

Texas Crutch Brisket Recipe 

Prep time – 30 minutes 

Cooking time – 15 hours 


12 or 14 pounds of whole packer brisket (1) 

Coarse Kosher salt (2 tbsp) 

Ground black pepper (2 tbsp)

Garlic powder (2 tbsp)


Before preparing the brisket, try to choose the cold brisket as this is much easier to prepare. Flip the brisket and remove any fat or skin from the flat surface of the meat. Now trim the meat until it takes a smooth transition. Next, with about 1/4 of an inch thickness across the flat surface and trim the top cap. 

Add all the ingredients except the brisket piece in a mixing bowl and then add them on the brisket evenly. 

Preheat the smoker at 225 degrees F and place the brisket on the smoker. Close the smoker lid and until the internal temp of the meat comes in 165 Degrees F, do not open the lid (this may take up to 8 hours). 

Now wrap the brisket with a heavy foil paper and seal it properly. And again place the piece on the smoker and attach the lid. 

Cook until the brisket comes at 225 degrees F (this may take you 5 to 8 hours approximately). 

Once the brisket comes to this temperature, keep the brisket aside for an hour at least. Then slice and serve immediately. 


Brisket is a delicious meal that is also an inexpensive way to prepare dinner for the family or party. So now you know when to wrap the brisket, plus we share a recipe to make your cooking easier. Hopefully, you love this and make the recipe at home. 

Do you need a kitchen faucet? Find out why stainless steel can be your best choice

Just like kitchen sinks, faucets are also the most used feature in your home. Everyone uses it multiple times every day. Due to this, they have to be strong and unyielding so that they can function for a long time. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can compromise with the appearance. These little hardware fixtures can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen theme or décor. It is just that you need to select wisely to make sure it serves both the purposes. With this, you have to make sure they are comfortable and easy to use. After all, you are going to use it frequently.

There is no shortage of choices in the market in terms of configurations, designs, and finish. As mentioned, it is up to you to find out something that delivers on your expectations without a miss. You can fall back on your inclinations and tastes along with a bit of technical know-how to guide you. In this matter, you can also listen to expert voices. So, let’s focus on the choice of material or finish first. Online and offline stores sell bronze, brass, chrome, nickel, stainless steel and many other options. It can be overwhelming for anyone to decide which one they should pick and why of these varieties.

If you don’t have much time to spare on this, you can go ahead with a stainless-steel finish. A durable stainless steel kitchen faucet can be a safe buy for many reasons. But let us first quickly explore why it is fine to disregard other options. To begin with brass, one has to be aware that it contains lead and arsenic. These materials can easily leach into the water, which can be harmful to health. The internal surface of the chrome faucet, on the other hand, can lead to dirt and grime buildups, affecting the quality of water and health eventually. But stainless steel can fight muck and grime. It is also easy to maintain. Check out the other positives too of this type of faucet.

Benefits of stainless-steel faucets

Smooth surface

Stainless steel faucets feature sleek interiors and exteriors compared to any brass or chrome finish. Due to this, grime and dirt won’t accumulate there even after prolonged use. Plus, these faucets don’t feature crevices or pores where bacteria can quickly develop. The inside layers are usually aseptic, due to which the risk of water contamination remains in check. In one single swipe, you can clean the surface of this faucet of fingerprints too to help it look new all the time.


Compared to chrome, another common choice, a stainless steel faucet tends to show more strength and long lastingness. It can resist dents and bents even when you knock it with something accidentally. Because it shows so much power, you can make it a part of your kitchen without any tension. Don’t worry about the flow of water. It can be suitable even if the water force is strong. It can continue to serve for up to ten years or more despite a high water speed. It means if you have to spend an extra amount to acquire this, you should not worry. Durability and extended use will cover all your cost at the end. It reduces your replacement needs, which again proves to be cost-saving.

Anyway, you must keep one thing in mind that it may not be scratch proof. So, you have to practice a bit of carefulness when using it. If you think it can be cumbersome, then you need to think again. Every model has some pros and cons. But compared to others, this is a little challenge that you need to handle. Some companies can offer significant relief in this area with their products. You can visit their stores and read product details to have awareness.

Rust and corrosion resistance

Of all the metals, stainless steel doesn’t corrode quickly. It means you will not have to deal with rust or corrosion issues as such. Water spots and smudges can develop on the surface over time. But you can use a soft dry cloth to wipe them off. If marks still don’t leave the surface, you can apply vinegar to get the shine back. However, be careful with the choice of the cleaning solution. Avoid using anything abrasive or harsh, such as brushes. These can cause permanent damage to its shine.

Effectively affordable

The shine, beauty, and ease of maintenance are the great propositions to lure anyone. It is undeniable that nothing can be more durable and easy to care for as this material. It doesn’t end there, though. You probably get to enjoy all these highlights for an affordable price.

For the best buying experience, it is essential to know this model can also have some downsides. Some of which have been hinted above. So, when you browse the collection anywhere, keep all the merits and demerits of this choice in mind. It will help you have the satisfaction that you bought something after thoughtful consideration.

In this context, another point that warrants a mention here is that everyone desires to have a matching sink and faucet to create the perfect combination. You may also aspire for the same. But it may not be so easy to obtain a similar model, finish, and surface. Even the same stainless-steel sink and faucet can differ from each other in shine. Getting the matching things can be even more difficult if you have to buy these two from separate manufacturers. To avoid this hassle, it is recommendable that you go to a seller that deals in both of these items. It can solve your concern to a great extent.

So, what are you thinking of now? You may have selected your sink already. But without a faucet, a kitchen sink is not even a functional piece. Hence, it is time to buy a nice matching faucet for it from a reliable manufacturer. Only then can you relax and celebrate your time.

Tips to Pick the Best Coffee Maker

People often say that a lot can happen over a simple cup of coffee. Relationships are built, business partnerships are born, friendships are celebrated; coffee does seem to be at the center of many events. Well, if a lot happens over coffee, then you should know that a lot goes into picking the machine that makes the coffee itself. While everyone is out there looking for the best cappuccino machine in the market, it is worth noting that you may have to do a little research before you decide. You can also have a look at this blog to learn how to pick the best coffee maker to get you up bright and early.

Think Ahead: Coffee is one of those things that just does not goes out of style. It does not matter if you are a stressed-out student looking to stay awake or an old retired person looking to enjoy a quiet evening. Everyone could use a cup of coffee. With that in mind, when you buy a coffee machine you should think about getting a good one so that it will serve you well in the long run. try to match your budget with how long you plan on using the machine so that you can enjoy the it for years to come.

Turn up The Heat: The brewing temperature is one of the most important factors you need to consider when picking your coffee machine. Coffee experts suggest that the best brewing temperature is around 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Investing in a machine that can brew hot coffee at high heat and at the right temperature will take the stress out of your morning routine without any hassles. All the top brands and the state-of-the-art coffee machines usually mention the brewing temp on the label or the box. A quick glance at the temps before you go ahead to set your mind on something.

Count the Cups: Some people just need one nice hot cup of coffee to kick start their day, while others will need to pop espresso shots every hour just to get through the day. If you are not a regular coffee drinker, or if you are trying to cut back, a single-serving machine is perhaps the best choice for you. If however, you need a hot cup of joe to keep your nerves when your colleagues are trying to get on them, then you might want to look for a coffee machine that has a big pot that makes a lot of coffee.

Find the Features: When you are short of time, you may want to get your coffee instantly and head out the door. On the other hand, there are also times when you want the machine to take it’s time so that you get a flavor-rich cup of coffee in the morning. However, regardless of your preference, you should keep a close eye on the special features included in each coffee machine. If you are not sure which one suits your needs, it is probably a good idea to do a little research online and look for the best machine that falls within your budget. To get you started, we’d recommend checking koffiemachine out as they have some amazing features that might be to your liking!

Easy to Clean: The whole point of coffee is to give you a boot in the morning so that you can get started with your daily work. Imagine how frustrating it must be to have to do extra work so that you can get coffee that will help you do more work later on. When you are half-awake in the morning, you are hardly in the mood to clean and then get the elaborate machine to work all so that you get one single cup of coffee. Don’t worry, the good people at the coffee machine factory understand your situation and have designed a variety of machines that are easy to load and use and even easier to clean. The machine that are easy to clean help us keep our kitchen healthy and safe.

Compare and Contrast: Yes, you may be a hopeless romantic and you may believe in love at first sight, but when it comes to buying a coffee machine, it is best that you keep your options open. As stated in the first point itself, when you are attempting to choose a coffee machineyou need to think ahead and think long-term. Hence, you need to take your time when choosing the perfect coffee machine because otherwise, you may get up every morning and just keep sipping on a cup of nothing but disappointment. Ideally, the best thing for a customer to do is to compare and contrast their brand with some other coffee machine just to see how it shapes up.

Check out This Traditional Kratom Tea Recipe

While many people like to smoke kratom, making its tea also gives a pleasurable experience. You will be shocked to know, more than 450 million people in the world suffer from anxiety and depression. This means a lot of them churn to herbal teas to enhance the quality of their lives. Although kratom has no proven health benefits, yet a lot of people who drink kratom tea claim, it helps in providing a calming effect on the brain. Here, in this article, we will guide you through simple steps to make kratom tea.

How do People Consume Kratom?

Keep in mind, there are several ways to consume kratom today. People love to infuse it in foods, desserts, beverages, snacks, edibles, and skincare products. Similarly, there are multiple ways to brew kratom tea. Depending on how strong or light you want the tea to be, the quantity of kratom in the drink will vary. To begin making kratom tea, you first need to choose the perfect strain for an amazing experience. Visit kratom crazy to get top-notch kratom powder for the tea. If you are buying from them for the first time, you can read customer reviews.

What You Need:

·         Large Pot

·         4 to 6 cups of water

·         Kratom Powder

·         Mesh Strainer

·         Cheese Cloth

How to Make it?

Once you have all the desired stuff in place, the first step is to turn on the stove and put water in the pot. Adjust the heat of the stove and despise over boiling the water. Gently put kratom powder/ leaves in the pot and allow them to cook for 20 minutes. After you start experiencing changes in the color of water, pour the contents through a strainer in the larger storage. However, if you have used kratom powder for making tea, let the mixture rest in the bottom of the pot. Furthermore, remove the leaves from the pot and put them aside after straining.

How to Improve its Flavour?

 If you are making kratom tea for a lot of people, it is better to make it in two to three batches. Kratom is psychoactive and causes one to feel high, so it is important to not put all the herbal content in one pot for cooking. Secondly, if you want to uplift the experience of kratom tea, you can add flavor to it. People love to add different flavors such as strawberry, vanilla. Apple, orange, and others to enhance the experience of kratom tea.

 In many parts of the world, kratom tea is sold for as low as $7 per shot. Although it is banned in many countries, it is made and enjoyed by over 160 million people across the globe. Similarly, you can also make kratom kava at home if you’re having a bad day.

How to Serve It?

After you’re done with making kratom tea for friends, serve it in a unique way to entice them. Kratom itself doesn’t have a pleasant fragrance. That is why people add essence to emanate a pleasant smell. You can serve kratom tea with thin slices of lemon on it. Furthermore, you can also serve it with sugar and desserts. If you’re a fanatic kratom consumer, compliment tea with kratom brownies or sandwiches to have a great experience.

When is The Best Time to Drink Kratom Tea?

Although this tea is consumed by more than 100 million people across the globe, yet there are many people who despise consuming it as tea. Kratom tea has no proven health effects for the body, yet people always love to enjoy it on several occasions. You will be surprised to know, there are many countries where locals serve kratom as a cultural drink to their friends and relatives. The best time to consume kratom tea is in winter when people want to feel warm. However, kratom fans love to drink it throughout the year.

Do You Know?

An interesting thing to note about kratom tea is, you can get the most out of your kratom this way. If you infuse kratom in foods and other stuff, you will always be deprived of its natural ingredients. However, consuming it in the form of tea always helps because you get to drink natural herbs without any additives. Despise buying low-quality kratom as it never helps. You can get kratom from local vendors, but they often compromise on the quality of this herb.

What is the features of vitamix 7500

You should consider getting Vitamix 7500 if you are serious about buying a Vitamix blender. It is an all-rounder blender that can also be used as a food processor. People love this Vitamix blender for its motor power, versatility and other features. I have reviewed Vitamix 7500 blender and in this guide, I will share details about this amazing Vitamix. 

Before we jump into the discussion let’s find out the quick features of Vitamix 7500 blender.

Features Vitamix 7500
Blender size 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 in
Motor 2.2-peak hp
Weight 13 lbs
Speed settings 10-variable speed
Pulse feature Yes
Container 64-oz low-profile container
Self-cleaning Yes
Warranty 7-years full warranty

Motor Performance

Vitamix 7500 has a 2.2-peak motor that creates high-torque to make a recipe. The motor base allows you to run the blender for several minutes without the heating issue since the blender has an adjusted cooling fan on the motor. Or even if the blender gets hot, it will automatically shut down that’s because the motor base contains thermal protection. You can consider buying Vitamix 7500 as it has a great blending power.on the motor. Or even if the blender gets hot, it will automatically shut down that’s because the motor base contains thermal protection

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Vitamix blade is made from hardened stainless steel so the blade is very sharp, as well as durable. Other blenders blades tend to rusty also, need to be replaced very often. But the Vitamix 7500 blade doesn’t need to be replaced and they won’t rust. Your Vitamix 7500 blender blade is able to blend or grind any toughest items in no time.

Noise level

The noise level of a blender is a very important thing to consider. Vitamix 7500 has the next-gen motor and this motor is 40% quieter than other Vitamix blenders which is great for the people who have any hearing issue. As the blender makes less noise, you can add this blender to your kitchen and you can make your favorite smoothies or soups in the morning without sleeping disturbance of others.

Ten-variable speed settings

The speed settings of the Vitamix blenders are a great addition. The speed level makes the blender easier to use also, you will get the perfect consistency of a recipe every time. Usually, when blending any toughest items you have to increase the speed and vice-versa. The 10-variable speed of Vitamix 7500 is amazing.

Pulse feature

Vitamix 7500 also has a pulse button on the knob. This button is usually used for blending or grinding the hardest ingredients. And if you need to make a recipe quickly then you can press the pulse button, and your recipe will be done.

Container size

You will get a 64-oz low-profile container with Vitamix 7500 blender. The 64-oz container is big enough to make a large batch of the recipe every time for family time. And the container is made from BPA-free plastic. There is a measurement scale outside of the container, and this is helpful when it comes to adding the right amount of the ingredients.


Vitamix 7500 comes with some handy accessories. Let’s see what’s in the box? A getting started guide, a cookbook, a low-profile tamper, a low-profile 64-oz container, and a 2.2-peak hp. Before the first time, you use the blender to make sure you read through the getting started guide so that you will not face any problem when using the blender.

And the Vitamix 7500 cookbook contains hundreds of recipes that you can try making easily.


Vitamix 7500 blender is famous to its users for its versatility. It can also be used as a food processor. So you can use this super blender for blending, chopping, grinding, or crushing. Vitamix 7500 blender can also make soup, and you can skip the stove from now on to make the soup. If you are a smoothie lover then Vitamix 7500 blender can be your best friend. Vitamix 7500 can give you a glass of smooth and silk smoothie.

You can make puree and baby food as well in this Vitamix. And making baby food is the best idea in this Vitamix since the blender keeps the nutrition also, your little one loves the food. Vitamix 7500 blender can make – pizza dough, batters, nut butter, dips & spreads, sauces, etc.

To chop veggies, Vitamix 7500 can help you. Just add the whole veggies in the jar and run the blender. When you need to grind the toughest items, use this. Basically, this blender can do all the blending, grinding or chopping as we mentioned above.


When it comes to cleaning a blender, it could be a hassle for some people but if you have this Vitamix then cleaning will not feel a hassle anymore. Vitamix 7500 has the self-cleaning properties – to clean the blender add a drop of the dishwasher and fill it with warm water. Now run the blender for a minute and then rinse it.

After cleaning the blender, let it dry properly and store it.


Vitamix 7500 comes with 7-years of the full warranty – it can last more than a decade with just a little care and maintenance. The durability of the Vitamix 7500 blender makes it famous to the people. Many of the Vitamix 7500 users claim that they are using their Vitamix for more than a decade.


Vitamix is a very renowned blender name in the blending technology. Vitamix blenders provide some of the features and benefits that other blenders do not provide. For the extra features and benefits, Vitamix 7500 is a little bit pricey than regular blenders. But the price is not a big issue as you will pay for the quality of the blender.

Final Thoughts

Vitamix 7500 is a long-lasting blender that you can use for many years to come. And it has some of the features which make sure the users get a perfect recipe every time. Vitamix 7500 will reduce your stress from the kitchen since it can be used as a food processor. It is a little bit pricey yet it is worth paying that’s because you are gonna have the best blender.

How to Make Kitchen Environment Healthy?

Kitchens are the most frequent part of any household and are ideally the focal point in most renovations. Architects usually design the kitchen as a starting point and build around it, while allotting a pivotal role to the place where quite understandably most traffic from breakfast to those 2am snacks come. Anyways, since the household revolves around kitchens, the fixtures and fittings should be immaculate. There are countless ways in which you can improve your kitchen, but for this article we’ll go over glass shelves and how to place them in order to get the classiest look possible.

Benefits of using glass shelves in home

So why choose glass? 

First and foremost, glass is durable, easy to clean, and extremely resistant to corrosion relative to wood which can easily rot in the semi-humid environment of the kitchen. Furthermore, wood loses its shine over time whereas glass can retain its original state for years.

In addition, glass gives you the option of throwing in a little versatility in your design. You can use multiple variants of glass in the same setting. Something quite difficult to achieve with wood. For example, you can use transparent, translucent, stained, engraved or a combination of the respective variants in the same setting if you know what you’re doing. However, combining mahogany with dark oak or spruce is quite complicated to put it bluntly. 

But perhaps these advantages, beneficial as they are, pale in comparison to the fact that you can see through a glass shelf to examine the contents underneath if you have an ascended angle or above if you’re looking from down under. I’d like to see wooden shelves achieve that.

Types of glass available for glass shelves

Convinced or confused?

Well, Let’s talk functionalities! Quintessentially, you want to use a combination of transparent and translucent variants to really capture that pristine ambience. Transparent glass shelves should always be used for items in your kitchen that will be used or otherwise picked up quite often. These could be spices, utensils, appliances, shakers, wine glasses and what not. The transparency allows you to easily navigate between the assortment of items while preserving the voguish style of your kitchen. Translucent glass on the other hand, should generally be used for items that are there for viewing at a glance. Your baking clock, tiny potted plants, and other decorative pieces.

Apart from these mainstream variants, there a few special ones that require a little more sophisticated touch and are best used in minimal quantities. For instance, stained glass should only be used if the item placed on top of it is high in value. Don’t use it for storing your spoons. Instead, get a stained glass jar in contrast with the color of the shelf. Or use it to display that travel souvenir you collected from China. Russian dolls also beautifully compliment stained glass. Engraved glass works best when used as dividers between shelves or when it acts as a cabinet door. Keeping in line with the essence of cooking, your engravings should generally be centered around floral or geometric patterns but you can experiment if you wish. It’s your kitchen after all.

Positioning of shelf

Now that we’ve covered all the variants, time to discuss positioning. 

Glass cabinets and shelves imbue a sense of openness and clarity in the kitchen, making it look wider or bigger than it actually is. This effect scales with the height you decide to place it on. Never place glass shelves or cabinets below wooden ones. Glass should always occupy a high and illustrious position. 

Kitchens sometimes have bigger windows than other rooms for wafting that baking aroma to the neighbors. However, this does cause a bit of a conundrum when it comes to room for storing. That is if you’re working with wood. With glass, you can install picture-window cabinets that facilitated you without a solid wall and you can easily use it with a double-sided cabinet.  This does not hinder the flow of natural light into your kitchen, but rather alleviates your setting from the traditionally monotone kitchen windows.

Contrary to what was stated earlier, glass may sometimes be used to serve as a cabinet door in some of the base cabinets of the kitchen. This measure is to be taken very carefully as not only do you need to ensure that whatever you’re placing behind that cabinet door is worthy enough to merit a glass door, but base cabinets that are glassed up can be easily broken or smudged by children and pets. It is also worth noting that anything placed in base cabinets is unattractive to kids but appreciable by other people. You could keep cookbooks, dull kitchenware, or wooden utensils. You need only be concerned about this with toddlers in the household. No toddlers or hyperactive pets? Go crazy!

Things to consider

No kitchen is holistically complete without a touch of wood. Do not overdo glass shelving. It works best when used sparingly. Furthermore, too much glass may cause the kitchen to seem fragile and thus not capable of forming a conducive and productive atmosphere where you can cook in peace without the fear of breaking stuff. Finally, the type of glass you should use is dictated by the rest of the furniture in your kitchen. Make sure that the visual scheme you’re going for matches the existing aesthetic of the kitchen (unless you’re planning to give it a complete makeover including new furniture). Have dark oak tables and chairs? Use stained glass! Have white wood? Go transparent! 

One last thing to keep in mind is that in kitchens which open up into the lounge or the living area, you need to consider the amount of glass used in the respective setting as well. For example, you may want to lay off on that extra glass shelf if you’re lounge already has an abundance of them. That’s all you need to know to get started. Go hit the drawing board!

Two Ingredient Protein Ice Cream

Those of you spending most of your spare time at the gym all know how tiring vertical dieting can be, especially when you are trying to consume a certain amount of protein on a daily basis. Always having your extra protein served in a “shake” form can feel very repetitive. But fear not, there are ways to make your protein fix the highlight of your day instead of something you just need to get over with. 

Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to spice up your protein recipe repertoire, by for instance making this two-ingredient protein ice cream! If you haven’t already tried banana ice cream, you are about to have your mind blown. This healthier alternative to regular ice cream tastes fantastic and if made right even melts in your mouth!

I personally think that banana is a heavily underrated food. When frozen the flavour becomes remarkably neutral, which means that you can make pretty much any flavour ice cream with it! And better yet, it holds so much natural sweetener that no sugar is necessary. 


2-3 frozen bananas

1 scoop of The Plant Era Chocolate Protein Powder

Equipment needed:

Food processor or blender


Prep time – 5 minutes

Freezing (cooking) time – 25 minutes 


It couldn’t be simpler to make (we are all busy and hungry so who needs a lengthy recipe for protein that could have been had in a shake?). 

Step 1:

Slice up 2-3 bananas and freeze these for a minimum of 25 minutes.

Step 2: 

Blend frozen banana pieces and 1 scoop of protein powder in a food processor or blender until the substance is smooth and looks like soft serve. Note that using a blender will provide a less smooth result, but no one ever said that some texture is a bad thing. 

Step 3: 

Enjoy freshly made banana chocolate protein ice cream on the couch while watching your favourite show on Netflix. 

Step 4:

Stand up from the couch to go get seconds! (Guilt-free ice cream is the best kind of ice cream!)

Flavour Inspiration

If you, like me, enjoy variety in your food, a simple way to get it is to change the ice cream flavour from batch to batch. To help you navigate in the sea of possibilities I have here a list of certain winning flavours and combinations. And yes, if you haven’t guessed it, I am obsessed with chocolate… 

1.    Chocolate protein powder

2.    Chocolate protein powder and peanut butter

3.    Chocolate protein powder and frozen raspberries

4.    Chocolate protein powder and frozen blueberries

5.    Chocolate protein powder and grinded coffee beans

6.    Peanut butter

7.    Strawberry protein powder

8.    Strawberry protein powder and frozen strawberries

9.    Vanilla protein powder

10. Chai latte spice mix

Insider tips

If you want the ice cream to be sweeter and would like to avoid using sugar, there are ways for you to satisfy your sweet tooth! Insider tip #1 is this: the riper the bananas are, the sweeter they taste. So, if you want to sweeten up your day, go for the extra ripe bananas. Another way to get a sweeter ice cream is to add other natural sweeteners. I have had a lot of luck with both syrup and honey, and honey has even added to the flavour profile from time to time. 

A great insider tip that I discovered is to add some garnishes to give the ice cream a little texture (and of course to make it more presentable #instaworthy). Depending on the flavour combination you are using, extras such as peanut crumbles, coconut flakes, chocolate flakes, dried fruits, or crumbled caramel flakes, are all great for both flavour, texture, and presentability. 

So, there it is! A simple, quick, and guilt-free alternative to drinking protein shake after protein shake, day in and day out. I hope you enjoy it! 


This article is written by The Plant Era, a Copenhagen-based plant-based sports nutrition company which aims to design the future of nutrition. With plant-based protein and sustainable packaging The Plant Era is determined to enhance athletic performance, improve health, and accelerate the world’s transition to a more sustainable world by reducing the consumption of meat and dairy. 

How To Cook Marijuana-Infused Food For Medical Purposes

Medical cannabis is becoming more popular as people realize its benefits. If it is legal in your state, then you can visit the dispensaries and check out all the CBD infused edibles. However, the edibles available in the stores are full of many unhealthy ingredients like sugar. Therefore, many people choose to make their foodstuffs using CBD oil or cannabutter.

If you are considering cooking or baking cannabis-infused foods, then it might be a good idea to try planting as well. Although you can get marijuana leaves, oils, and butter from stores or online, it can be hard to trust the quality. You can quickly buy medical seeds and starting a small garden in the back yard, or even grow indoors.

Before You Begin

Before you start making oil-based products to mix in with food, it is essential to carry out the decarboxylation process. It would be best if you decarboxylated the weed buds to make them more potent. They will not have much effect otherwise. Follow the process given below:

  1. Preheat the oven to 110 degrees Celsius or 225degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Place parchment paper in an oven-safe dish.
  3. Break the buds into smaller pieces and line in the dish. Make sure there are adequately spread and not mushed together.
  4. Heat for about 20 minutes. It should have a light to medium brown shade when being removed.
  5. Set it aside to cool.
  6. Preheat the oven again to 115 degrees Celsius or 240 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Lightly break the cooled down buds and spread at the bottom of the dish.
  8. Adequately cover the dish with aluminum foil, and place in the oven for 60 to 90 minutes.
  9. Remove the dish and let it cool before taking off the foil. If it doesn’t have a powdery appearance, grind it in a food processor or a blender.
  10. Place it in an airtight glass container and store it in a dry place.

Infusion Methods


Cannabis-infused butter is famously used in many weed-infused recipes. It is mostly used in sugary foods like brownies or cookies. However, its use entirely depends on the cook’s dietary requirements. Patients that are suffering from various illnesses can make, or ask someone else, according to their needs. To get the best results, make sure to dose the butter properly. After that, use it as a substitute for regular butter.

Canna Oil

Cannabis-infused oil is quite popular among many patients and caregivers that want to mix marijuana with almost everything, from salads to baked foods. Most oils are also vegan-friendly. They can be easily added to almost any savory food like steak or chicken. They also can be used as a healthier substitute for cannabis butter.

Canna Coconut Oil

Many patients love to use coconut oil in foods. Some machines carry out complicated processes to make cannabis coconut oils, but it can be easily done at home if you are willing to. It is as easy as steeping the quality herb in oil.

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