The Best Pizzelle Maker You Want To Choose From

If you are from Italy, you sure know a lot about pizzelle. When you were a child, I bet you grew up eating tons of this! Every household in Italy has their traditional recipe they have followed for generations.

Now if you are far from home and you want to make your own, or if you’re not from Italy like me and you love pizzelle, you will need the best pizzelle maker to create this tasty dessert!

I know you have already decided that you will get a pizzelle maker. Now you are faced with hundreds of pizzelle makers, and you can’t choose! Let me help you with that!

Tasty Treat!

You can never have enough of pizzelle! Don’t you dare buy a tub of ice cream with this! Or, do so with caution! Take a scoop of ice cream, a piece of chocolate and sandwich it between two pizzelle and take a heavenly bite! Go ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What Things You Need When Choice Pizzelle Maker?

You may already have a cookie press for making Christmas cookies but do you already have a pizzella maker? I bet not! Just like any kitchen equipment, choosing a pizzella maker is not an easy feat! You need to consider a few factors to make the right choice. 

With that in mind, here are some of the things you need to think about when choosing a pizzella maker.

1. Stove Top or Electric

There are two types of pizzelle maker you could choose from. The stove top, or the traditional and an electric model. Back in the old days, a heavy cast iron pizzelle maker is a great kitchen equipment that will serve you for generations!

But today, the traditional pizzelle maker would not win a race against electric models! You can make multiple cookies per batch with half the manual labor!But if you want to feel that nostalgia while cooking, you can always go traditional!

2. Size of Pizzelle

How large do you want your pizzelle? There are a few tricks you can do to shape your pizzelle when they are freshly cooked. The smaller ones can be shaped like a cup. The bigger pizzelle can make you large cones or cannolis and fill them with more tasty treats!Pizzelle makers usually range from three to five inches.

3. Number of Pizzelles

Pizzelle makers bake you two cookies at a time. This is double what you make with the traditional pizzelle maker. But if you are fond of the smaller cookies, some models can make up to four at a time!

Because it’s an Art!

These thin sheets of cookies are a labor of love. They have been passed down from generations to generations preserving their original recipes. Because this is not just a cookie. This is a national level delicacy! It was well thought of and carefully designed!

The art of making it, and the tools in making it tells us that the people who invented this are creative! You can choose different designs as they are available in many forms like a cookie press. You can go traditional, the flower-like design or you can choose the waffle honeycomb design.

Make Awesome Snacks and Dessert!

Homemade pizzelle will surely be a hit after dinner! You can also snack on it whenever you want too. Make a large batch and place it in a cookie jar and reheat them later. You can have them alternate with your pancake breakfast.


It’s great with coffee and hot beverages too! You can have them with milk and fruits! Why not try banana and peanut butter with it? Sounds great! Add a whip cream to make it awesome!

Another thing you can to to make awesome pizzelle snack is to add some chocolate chips! Who wouldn’t agree that pizzelles are better with chocolate chips? If you are watching your calorie intake, you can choose to use some vegan friendly chocolate!

Which Best Pizzelle Maker Do I Get?

1. Palmer Classic Pizzelle Maker

This stylish iced tea maker is fashioned in green and white giving you a hint of refreshment just by looking at it. It resembles a coffee maker with an over sized pitcher. The tall and skinny pitcher perfectly fits under the dripper. Opening the lid exposes three chambers. One for loose leaf, another for tea bags, and one for your sweetener.

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  • Light and sturdy. – If you are not used with aluminum materials, you might mistake it as a flimsy pizzelle maker. This model is made with cast aluminum plates and body which dramatically reduces the weight of your kitchen equipment. This makes cleanup and storage an easy task!
  • Makes five-inch pizzelle two at a time. – Five inches may be a little too large for cookies, right? But if you want to make cannolis out of them, you can create great desserts out of them! If you want to make your ice cream cones, you can have a decent sized cone with a five-inch thin cookie!
  • Superior non-stick coating. – Having your cookies stuck in between the ribs of your pizzelle maker is annoying. Surprisingly, this cast aluminum plates eliminates that problem!
  • Five-year warranty. – For something that costs below a hundred dollars and a five-year warranty, you got yourself a reliable kitchen tool! Palmer is confident that their pizzelle makers would last you as little as five years! In the unfortunate case that you face a problem, they will be there to assist you!


  • Just two cookies. – Baking two cookies at a time are already twice faster than the traditional way. But if you just can have enough of it, or if you want to make huge batches for the family, to cookies at a time is a bit slow of a pace.
  • A steam guard would be nice. – Be careful when you are opening the lid of your pizzelle iron as steam will rise as you do. A steam guard would be nice to avoid exposing your hands to too much steam and heat.
  • Not as thin. – Maybe it’s because of the size of the pizzelle that makes it difficult to bake the thinnest cookies. You can hold on to the handles tightly every time you press, but that would be a little of a hassle.

2. Cucina Pro’s Piccolo Pizzelle Maker

Cucina Pro’s sturdy pizzelle maker yields up to four snowflake designed thin waffle cookies at a time. It’s made with a non-stick coat which makes baking and cleaning easy! It is equipped with a steam guard to protect your hands from burn injuries. It is stylishly chrome plated which gives your kitchen a professional look.

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  • Steam guard. – It may never be truly a problem if you are just baking a few for yourself. But if you love pizzelle and routinely make large batches regularly, the build-up of steam can be uncomfortable! The good thing is, Cucina Pro was thinking about you when they made this! They placed a steam guard for your convenience!
  • Even heat distribution. – A well-done side and a half-cooked side is not acceptable. How will you serve cookies in this manner? Of course, you can’t! Cucina Pro made sure that heating plates are positioned correctly to give you an even distribution of heat for a perfectly cooked crunchy waffle cookies!
  • Four cookies in one go! – What is better than baking two pizzelle at a time? Well, none other than baking four pizzelle at a time! If baking two isn’t fast enough, this kitchen device performs four times faster than the traditional way! Make a lot of cookies in short time!


  • No cannolis for you. – If you intend to make cannolis, this is not the right size. They are just too small.
  • Cookies clump together. – If you are not careful in measuring how much batter to use in each cookie, you may end up with cookies too thin, or have them clumped all together. The spaces and the depth of for separating them is a bit shallow and tends to fuse the cookies together.

3. Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Pro Express Bake

Chef’s choice silver pizzelle maker is an eye-catching, stylish kitchen tool that you can enjoy using at home. It promises to give you two 4-inch cookies every thirty seconds! That’s quick! The non-stick surface ensures that you will be able to achieve that perfect shaped cookies for every batch.

It has a locking latch for the even thinness of your waffle cookies! It’s equipped with smart instant heat recovery to make sure that you are ready to bake each time you close the lid!

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  • Idea sized pizzelle. – These 4-inch cookies are perfect for making cups out of them. You can also make decent sized cones for desserts, and you can also make cannolis out of them!
  • Optimal heat distribution. – Every cookie you cook is done in about twenty to thirty seconds. In a moderate pace, you will have one hundred and twenty cookies for every hour! If you have been doing this for long and you already have the maneuver in muscle memory, I bet you can make one hundred and eighty cookies for every hour!
  • Instant heat recovery. – Traditional pizzelle maker requires you to work at a certain pace to ensure that your iron is at the optimal heat every time you reload it with dough and place it upside down on the stove. A little miscalculation can result in unevenly cooked cookies. 


  • Too hot for thick cookies. – If you want your pizzelle thicker than the usual, this product may not suit you well. The temperature is not adjustable, so you are stuck with on setting. This is optimized for a thin sheet of cookies. 
  • Too quick? – If you are just a novice at pizzelle making, there is quite a steep learning curve to master the art of timing your cookies. You may notice the heating element heat fast. You should not base your timing on your first try as the surface has not fully reached the optimal heat by this time.

4. Cucina Pro 5” Pizzelle Maker

This 5” pizzelle maker by Cucina Pro is fashioned just like the piccolo pizzelle maker. It is finished with the same stylish chrome exterior that gives your kitchen that executive feel. It’s now equipped with a steam guard to protect you from burn injury while making pizzelle.


This 5-inch pizzelle maker can create perfect cones, cups, and cannolis! You can knock yourself out with hundreds of crispy thin cookies!


  • No burn injury. – An onboard steam guard makes sure that you will not have a burn injury while having fun baking 5-inch pizzelle!
  • Easy to clean. – Cleaning up can never be easy as the non-stick baking plates are effectively designed to resist dough from adhering to it! Wipe it with a moist paper towel and spray oil to leave a protective coating before you store it under the cupboard.
  • Comes with a few good recipes. – Cucina Pro made sure that you can start baking pizzelle as soon as you get their pizzelle maker. Inside the box is a small recipe booklet you can use as a reference, especially if you are new to making pizzelle!


  • A little workout for you. – Cleanup and storing your pizzelle maker is a little of a workout. It’s a bit heavy, and the plates are not removable. You are stuck with manual mashing only. But nog biggie, it’s still a fairly easy task.
  • Flimsy base. – The legs are a little wobbly. Make sure you place them flat on a level surface. But you can easily address this by tightening screws or even fixing them with super glue.

5. Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

This pizzelle press is easily eye catching. The exteriors are sleek and professional looking. It’s equipped with a temperature selector which enables you to choose how brown and crispy you want your pizzelle. Easily makes two 4-inch pizzelle and it comes with a rolling dowel to make cannoli tubes out of your cookies!


You can rely on its compact and sturdy build that it will last a long time. You can store them upright to save some space if you frequently use it! No need to pack them back in their box!


  • Brushed stainless steel finish. – This sleek and stylish finish will not fade giving you the impression that it’s always new even when the years pass by! A nice kitchen equipment you can rely on that will not get out of style!
  • Variable temperature control. – You can easily adjust the heat and match your preference accordingly. It has a five click temperature control to facilitate your cooking. Easily adjust the heat as it becomes too hot as you go.
  • Measuring spoon and rolling dowel included! – The four inch sized cookies are best rolled into cannolis. And guess what, they have included it in the package so you can make these tubes of delicious goodness! They have also included a measuring spoon to make sure you are getting everything in the right portion!


  • It’s a little expensive. – With all the features it has, its price has risen accordingly with those features. But you still get what you pay for. You get to have a neat temperature control with the price you pay.
  • A timer would justify the cost. – Having cost this much, a timer would be a great additional feature. Though you can easily use your mobile as a timer, a built-in dedicated timer can be more.


These delicious Italian cookies are great to have on any occasion. Having a pizzelle maker in your kitchen can help you make simple thin cookies and even luscious cookie cups! You can roll cannolis out of them and fill them with other sweet desserts to make a lasting impression on your friends and family!

Choosing them can be a little difficult because of the number of available models in the market. But clearly, in this roundup, Cuisinart has the upper hand with regards to functionality, and features. The only drawback with Cuisinart’s press is the cost. If you can avail it, go ahead and get the best pizzelle maker.

Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Pro Express Bake is a nice choice if you are just learning the how to’s of pizzelle making. It’s affordable and makes decent cookies too!

Did this article help you decide which pizzelle maker to buy? Share this page so that you can shed some light on other people too! Leave a comment bellow, and I will return to you as soon as I can!

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