5 Best Faucet Water Filter In The Competition and #4 Is The Real Deal!

Nowadays, optimizing the numerous healthy benefits of your water and filtering some of its unwanted components seem to be easier said than done. With the market for faucet water filters that is now swarmed with overwhelming options, it’s so easy to get lost in them.

And if you’re next to clueless, your quest on finding the best faucet water filter might be derailed sooner than you think. This article is dedicated to you and some of us who are still finding the best one in the competition!

As such, we’ll also be discussing the basics on the faucet water filter system. These include its operation, its known benefits, its installation and the buying guide that you’ll ever need. Later on, the five best faucet water filters will be disclosed to make further your selection easier and more informed.

What is a Faucet Water Filter and What Does it Do?

A faucet water filter is one of the distinctive types of water filters that you can install manually right onto your taps. As it implies, this type of water filter purifies some of your water’s trace minerals along with its potentially unhealthy materials that are found in its very content. Some of these components include chlorine, limescale, and fluoride.

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Along with its easy-to-follow installations, faucet water filters are also noted for its more affordable tags compared to other types of water filters. Meanwhile, the cartridge filters that go alongside are also easy to replace with and are likewise inexpensive.

With these features, most consumers are rarely hesitant in purchasing one of these faucet water filter types. But which one of these fits your needs?

What are The Types of Faucet Water Filter?

1. The Direct Flow Thru Faucet Filter

This type employs a model in which the faucet filter is attached to the end of the faucet itself and is extended out from it. If your budget is tight and you’re looking for a type that essentially provides the similar function, this variant might sit well within your expectations.

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The only drawback to this kind of faucet is that the filters need to be changed now and then and that they render a smaller surface area. This, in turn, will only filter particles that fit right through them, missing out the smallest components.

2. Side Offset Flow Thru Faucet Filter

Regarded as the most popular type of faucet water purification system, this version can place a much bigger filter as it’s not aligned with the faucet of the sink. Moreover, the filter cartridges are expected to last longer while they filter your water more thoroughly.

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Similar to the direct flow thru faucet filter, the side offset flow thru faucet filter won’t give you a headache when you’re installing it. These types simply activate by enabling a mechanism that is located on their side or at the top of their units themselves.

This type of faucet water filter also comes with disadvantages — a more expensive price tag and a heftier weight!

3. Carbon filters

For the ones who already own a carafe type of filter, you must already be familiar with how carbon filters work and look like. The inclusion of carbon allows the water to be absorbed and pass through it and as it is a porous material, it takes all these impurities in.

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Nevertheless, this type of filter is effective at purifying a variety of chemical and mineral components that you’d rather get flushed in by these filters. As carbon filters need to be changed frequently, ensure that you look for the capacity of these filters so it would give you an idea.

4. Reverse Osmosis Filters

This filter variant is usually installed in faucet filters with the more conventional carbon filtering. Its unique feature is its ultra-fine membrane in which the water passes under pressure through it. This mechanism takes out more contaminants than carbon filters.

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The finer membrane that is featured comprises of acetate and requires to be changed periodically. Meanwhile, the filters should be changed with carbon filters accordingly. A further change of membrane is also required every two or three years.

5. Under Counter Filters

These faucet filters are deemed as the bulkier ones. Due to their size and heftiness, these filters are used as a stand alone on a sink top or underneath your sink. If you have a premium space and needing a higher volume of filtered water, then these filters may suit your needs.

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Your Quick Buying Guide On Choosing The Best Faucet Water Filter

Apart from determining the types of filters for your home needs, these factors should also be considered when selecting an ideal faucet water filter:

The Right Brand

Often, the biggest companies out there tend to underwhelm us with the quality and service of their products. For you to get the best out of these countless alternatives, try to read the reviews first that are associated with the faucet water filter. Also, a good customer service for this product goes a long way for me!

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Reliability & Durability

Testimonials under these factors will aid you in ascertaining whether your product has the right fit for your needs. Your faucet water filter is going to filter a voluminous amount of water all throughout its lifespan, so it’s a must that your instrument can withstand years of usage while being reliable at the same time.

The Metal Magic

Accordingly, the best filters out there are constructed with metal. Metal filters tend to grip tighter and do their function way better than the other alternatives. Also, they leak fewer which in this case is a big plus all by itself!

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Size & Compatibility

Before heading to buy your faucet water filter, verify the location first as to where you’re going to install it. Now, if your kitchen is sporting a tiny faucet, ensure that the water filter is not huge enough to dwarf it as this might break the continuity of your design. But if you’re gunning to install it in your sink, the bulkier ones are more preferred.

How To Install Your New Faucet Water Filter?

Right after your first faucet water filter purchase, the next logical thing you’ll do is the installation. Most of these filters are easy-to-install and do not require laborious procedures. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Shut off the water supply.
  • Remove the faucet aerator.
  • Clean the threads and the seal.
  • Ready the needed parts. Verify if an adapter is needed.
  • Install the faucet attachment piece.
  • Assemble all the parts of your faucet filter.
  • Test to see if there are any leaks.

Best Faucet Water Filters in The Market Now

1. Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter With Advanced Water Filtration, Chrome Finished

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There’s a permeating reason as to why Culligan is indefatigable in this type of product — their offerings are always on-point, simple yet very efficient.

This iteration that evidently operates under its simplicity principle is also easy-to-use and does not require any tools to install it.

It comes with a compact design and a polished chrome finish that should be an eye-candy for the aesthetically-oriented.

Moreover, the Culligan FM-25 Advanced Water Filtration Faucet Mount is equipped with adapters that should work for all standard sinks.

The included filters are notable for they can accommodate 200 gallons. They can filter atrazine, chlorine, lindane, sediment and turbidity while they take out bad taste and foul odor.


  • Compact design
  • Comes with a polished chrome finish
  • Operates under a simple design with no-tools-needed installation
  • Eliminates contaminants such as atrazine, chlorine, and sediment
  • Filters can accommodate 200 gallons


  • Housing quality is less superior than other models
  • Water flow is a bit slow

2. PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water Filter, 7.7-Inch By 3.2-Inch, Chrome

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If you’re just too wary of all the contaminants that reside from your water and are looking to lessen or even dissipate them, the PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water Filter, 7.7-inch by 3.3-inch, Chrome might do well within your expectations.

It can eliminate over 70 contaminants that include 99 percent of Lead and 96 percent of Mercury among others.

It also boasts of MineralClear that filters water over natural minerals — turning your water into a crisper, more refreshing taste.

Your days of guessing whether your filter needs to be changed or not are over as this version features a built-in electronic filter life indicator to notify you at a glance.


  • Can eliminate over 70 contaminants
  • Features MineralClear
  • Comes with built-in electronic filter life indicator
  • Compatible with standard faucets
  • Each filter can provide to up to 100 gallons of clean water


  • Does not work well with high water pressure
  • New model design may be flawed for some

3. Brita Faucet Water Filter System With Light Indicator, Chrome

<img alt=”” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81qkk8wr55L._SL1500_.jpg” style=”width: 500px”>

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Another chrome-finished, aesthetically-fluid entry from Brita, this product attaches directly to your tap. It is certified to remove 99.99 percent of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts while it also traps sediment.

Competitively, it can provide up to 100 gallons of filtered tap water, essentially replacing the 750 standard 16 oz.

Plastic water bottles. This, in turn, can aid you in cutting down on waste and saving tons of money in the long run.

This Brita Faucet Water Filter System also features a light indicator that notifies you when to replace the filter. Its modern chrome finish will surely match your prized kitchen décor.


  • Can remove 99.99 percent of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts
  • Features an extra layer that specifically traps sediment
  • Can provide up to 100 gallons of filtered tap water
  • Fluid, chrome-finished
  • Includes light indicator for filter replacement


  • Workmanship and material of construction are less premium
  • Overall weight distribution is poor

4. DuPont WFFM350XCH Electric Metered 200-Gallon Deluxe Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter, Chrome

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When style and functionality are amalgamated in this competition, it will give you the DuPont Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount FM350.

Engineered with a sleek and beautifully rendered shapes, the product also boasts of efficient, electric filter life meter — a feature that complements its overall modern design.

With just an aid of plier, this device is all ready to be used in just minutes. It is also designed to attach to almost all the standard kitchen faucets.

Meanwhile, its filter can reduce components such as sediment, chlorine, lindane and benzene among others


  • Features a distinctive, easy-to-read electronic display that shows how many gallons the faucet water filter has cleaned
  • Filter can reduce the amount of sediment, benzene, lindane and chlorine
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Device can be installed in just minutes
  • Can be attached to most standard kitchen faucets


  • Chrome coating may fade away on some spots
  • Electronic water meter screen may malfunction over time

5. PUR PFM400H Chrome Horizontal Faucet Mount With 1 Mineral Clear Filter

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If you’re constantly fretting over the possibility that your product may leak occasionally, the PUR PFM400H Chrome Horizontal Faucet Mount With 1 Mineral Clear Filter may just calm these worries.

Featuring a new leak-proof connector along with an improved grip, this entry has clearly upped its game in a flaw in which most of its competition are struggling with.

It also has a clean sensor monitor that provides more visible electronic filter change light for a beefed up filter compliance; a 60 percent improved battery life is likewise noteworthy.

Ultimately, it’s Maxion filter technology should give a crisp and more refreshing water taste.


  • Features its proprietary Maxion filter technology
  • Includes clean sensor monitor
  • Comes with game-changing new leak-proof connector
  • 1 filter can provide up to 100 gallons
  • Compatible with standard faucets


  • Comes with a non-replaceable battery
  • Construction design is a bit flawed


The DuPont WFFM350XCH Electric Metered 200-Gallon Deluxe Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter, Chrome exemplifies all the guiding factors we’ve laid out for you earlier. It is durable, the size and compatibility are both engineered to fit virtually all your home kitchen needs, and is also metal and chrome wonder!

<img alt=”” src=”https://tasteinsight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/water-filters-1.jpg” style=”width: 1200px”>

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In regards to its supposed function, this DuPont product is essentially meeting all the consumers’ expectations. From its able filters right down to its surprising add-ons, this entry is a clear standout!

If you think that there are other entries out there that deserve a rightful mention, please feel free to sound them in the comment section below! Until then, happy hunting!

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