Dessert and Appetizer

Appetizers and desserts are a good way to begin and end a meal. In a perfect world, every meal should start with a light appetizer that stimulates the taste buds and readies the stomach for a wonderful reward. Of course, the dining experience should not abruptly end, right? It only fits to end a great meal with a dessert.But selecting appetizers and desserts should not be random. Each food item served should complement the other and gradually build up for the main course and finish with a splendid confectionery. Mmm! I can taste the sweet ending!



For every type of meal, there is soup recipe that is right for it! Across the globe, soup is one of the most favored appetizers before a sumptuous meal. A light broth can prime the stomach for almost any meal!

Be careful when serving chowders. People just can’t get enough of it and may ruin their appetite for the main course!You can start with any broth and build your soup by adding spices that match the dish you are aiming for.


Salads are a great way to begin a meal too. Vegetable salads are very light on the stomach and add fiber and vitamins to your diet. Just be careful on what you are adding to your salads!

Croutons are a great addition to give the texture and variety. Cubed grilled chicken is another great way to add flavor.Just don’t use too much starchy food at the beginning of the meal to preserve your appetite for the main course.


You can serve a few different types of dips as appetizers. Dips are versatile and can be accompanied by bread or nachos to make a light appetizer. Salsa can start a great Mexican course; humus can begin a sumptuous Middle Eastern delicacy. Whatever theme you choose, there’s a fitting appetizer for it!

Hors d’ Oeuvres

These cocktails are perfect for appetizers! This can do well on their own as snacks too! Shrimp cocktails, for example, can start an awesome seafood main course! Just thinking about it makes me drool! Bruschetta can liven up Italian dishes! Three cheese skewers can be a perfect appetizer to get the stomach started.

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Custards and Puddings

Puddings and custards are one of the favorites. Although they may not go well with seafood dishes, they are perfect with savory meat courses. Aside from seafood, these sweet treats are almost great to have with anything!

Custards should have flake pastries and soft center. Puddings should exclusively be sweet and chocolate (or am I the only one who loves chocolate pudding?)! You know what, if you want the best of both worlds, try a custard pudding. It’s heavenly!

Frozen Desserts

No bake and frozen desserts are a little easy to prepare, but, it needs to be done in advance! You have to gather up all your ingredients, place it in your mold, and leave it in the fridge. The next day, your guests would surely want more of your frozen desserts after a delicious main course!

You can go for some ice cream cakes, or if you want to make it simple, you can go for just frozen fruits!


Who can resist a slice of cake? Cakes are great desserts! They can be a little tricky to prepare and may require a long preparation time. But surely, when it’s time for dessert, it won’t last long at the table!

To make awesome cakes, make sure you carefully measure your ingredients and let your chiffon cool to room temperature before applying your frosting. Cakes are good to have with everything!


Cookies are great snacks. But aside from that, they can be great desserts too! Especially when kids are around, the cookie jar will surely be left empty! To make it more fun, let the decorate their cookies with frostings and candy sprinkles. Have them smear peanut butter and chocolate in their cookies as they enjoy them!

To make cookies crunchy, make them in advance and reheat them before dinner.


Fruit pies are great dessert choice too. They are tricky to make from scratch, but, you can always buy some pre-made pie crust to make things a little easier. However, nothing beat fresh pie crusts! Apple, raspberry, rhubarb, and pineapple are some sweet fruity pies you can try.

Chocolates and Candies

When the kids see chocolates and candies after dinner, they might die a little of excitement! Oh! Even the adults would enjoy this! You can easily buy chocolate bars and candies at the grocery. But you know what, making your candies can be a lot of fun too!

All the guests would wonder where you bought your special candies and chocolates! Candies and chocolates are yummy desserts for almost anything!


When dinner is done, and you serve sweet pastries, everyone will be delighted for sure! Tarts and pastries are pretty much easy to make. Pastries are great for pasta and other French dishes.

Miscellaneous Desserts

Other than the types mentioned above, there are other desserts you could choose from. Caramel popcorns can be good desserts too. If you want to experiment a bit, you can try some deeply fried candy bars. They originated from Scotland. They are awesome too!

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