How to Grill Tuna Steaks

Time for some lean and juicy beef tenderloinof the sea!  Well you got the hint. Tunafish has earned the title of being juicy enough to replace beef tenderloin andthat is perhaps why it is now known to be the fleshiest fish found in the deepwaters.

Trust us on this one! When cooked right, tuna fish can easily replace the juiciest roast beef or lamb! The secret lies in the technique used in cooking up a tender tuna steak.

While tuna sandwiches have long earned all thefame, it is about time this delicacy gets the TLC it needs in order totantalize the taste buds to the max. There is a whole cuisine dedicatedentirely to grilling and smoking fish and we are here to let you in on those secrets.If you are in for some juicy grilled fish, get your utensils out and read onfor more!

“How to Grill Tuna Steaks The RightWay!”

While the marinade and the quality of the fish are key here, it all boils down to the searing technique you apply to your fish. If you are really looking for restaurant quality gourmet cooking, we would highly recommend investing in a quality smoke oven.

Once you have your smoker set in place, youhave a whole aisle of recipes to explore. There are tonnes of techniquesinvolved in cooking up some top notch tuna steak but what tops it the most isthe smokey flavor of slow cooked tuna that you can only get when you let itsimmer in a smoke oven.

Let the savory goodness of a smoke oven takeyou right back to the heart of Seattle with the tiniest bit of effort andperfect results each time. An offset smoker is truly worth an investment whenit comes to delicious long and slow easy cooking. CampChef’s SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill is quite the choice.

If offset smokers are not the thing for youthan you can surely try out the Traeger grills. Sturdy and fully automated,Traeger grills give you an option to control your cooking session through evenyour phone!

Yes, Wi-Fire technology is what they call it and it does work like a charm each time! The best model that gets a 5 star rating on Amazon is their Traeger PRO 575. This one is definitely a steal.

Once you have your brine set, make sure youleave your tuna steaks marinating in there for a good four hours.

Preheat your smoker oven to 250 F and add theapple flavored wood to it. Cherry wood goes well too with tuna. Brush thefillets with some low sodium soy and place them on a clean grill that has beenmoistened with a little oil.

All you have to do now is wait for the deliciousnessto cook for just 1 hour now and it’s good to go. Don’t forget to flip the steakonce in between the session.

Best sauce for tuna steak

Now what’s a steak without some good oldginger sauce? We thought we should turn up the basic ginger sauce recipe up anotch and add a tangy orange kick to it. All it takes is some oil heated up ina pan but be careful not to burn the oil. Put the heat on a low setting beforeyou add a knob of butter to it. The oil in the pan will prevent the butter fromburning.

Add the key ingredients to the pan now; gingerand the chile flakes and cook it till the ginger gets rid of its raw crunch.Now it’s time to increase the heat a little with the added splash of somefreshly squeezed orange juice. Once it comes to a boil, add your brown sugar toit along with a dash of soy sauce and lime juice but remember the rule of thumbthough, a little goes a long way.

Let the broth simmer till it reduces toone-quarter of what it was. This will take about 8 to 10 minutes on medium heatand that’s all there is to it.  This ishands down the best sort of tangy sauce that compliments all sorts of fish,especially tuna.

Tips to keep in mind when cooking tuna

As delicate tuna flesh is, attention to detailis necessary here. The right temperature is crucial with fish. Ideally, thetemperature should range between 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit for a tuna steak soyou may want to keep an eye on that thermometer. A cast iron skillet is quite asafe option to use but when you are smoking tuna fish, we would ratherrecommend you don’t use a skillet at all. Placing the steaks right onto thegrill of a quality smoker is what will give it the optimal flavor of the smokeygoodness.

Another handy tip to get the most out of yourfish is to keep it on the top shelf of the smoker which is presumably thefarthest away from the fire box. Any sort of meat when being smoked should infact be placed on the top shelf of the smoker. Anywhere closer to direct heatwill give the meat a tougher texture. A water pan right above the firebox withsome stems will work like a charm. It will add the earth flavor and aid inretaining the tenderness of the steak.

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