How Instant Pot Changes the Way you used to Cook Food

We live in an exciting time. Remarkable advances in technology have completely changed the way we function in our lives. Perhaps the most amazing leaps have come in the field of multifunctionality, which is to say the combination of functions into single-use devices. Consider the smartphone, which combines internet access, phone service, gps navigation, social media, gaming, music, and video entertainment in a single package.

For the longest time, cooking has lacked devices and appliances that offer this truly multifunction role. People have improvised multiple uses out of utensils and appliances for years of course, but the general case is that few have been purposely designed for this.

That has changed with the Instant Pot. A truly multi-function, flexible, adaptable pressure cooker, the Instant Pot is going to change the way most people cook their food from the moment they begin to use it.

Instant Pot Replaces Seven Devices

Instant pot is at its core a pressure cooker, which uses heat and confined space to speed up the cooking of a meal. However, the Instant Pot has been designed to fill seven roles in the kitchen, reducing the amount of space taken up by dedicated appliances. Alton Brown, the famous celebrity TV chef, has long derided single-purpose devices, and it seems the Instant Pot has taken his advice to heart.

The Instant Pot is:

  • A pressure cooker
  • A steamer
  • A sautee
  • A yogurt maker
  • A rice cooker
  • A slow cooker
  • A warming pot

Using the pot is very easy. Once you have your recipe, follow the instructions and select the function you wish to use from the list above, adding your ingredients as directed, and then wait. The Instant Pot will cook without constant stirring or adjusting, save during the steps to add ingredients or change the function of the device.

The warming pot function allows food to stay warm for up to 10 hours. That’s nearly half a day of perfectly heated and prepared food. All the vaunted merits of a slow cooker, such as cook and forget, or keeping stews warm, are present here along with the ease of preparation and cooking. Extra appliances become unnecessary, saving space, energy, and time spent cleaning.

Instant Pot Saves You Time

Nearly three quarters of the recipes available online that use Instant Pot require 25 minutes or less to prep and cook. That’s under half an hour for most recipes.

For example, consider BBQ ribs, a staple of old-fashioned American cuisine. These can take hours to prepare and cook, with an average time of 4 hours for a good, basic set of tasty, tangy pork ribs. There are multiple BBQ rib recipes for Instant Pot that hit right around the half hour mark. Perhaps you have your preferred recipe, and you can always fall back on it if you prefer them, but if you want to belt out a delicious rib recipe in under an hour, the Instant Pot is there for you.

Instant Pot is Easy to Care For

Caring for your Instant Pot is going to be easy and low-impact on your time. Every piece of the Instant Pot is simple to clean. The lid, inner pot, sealing ring, and steam rack are dishwasher safe. No time has to be spent handwashing them apart from a quick rinse if you don’t want to put food debris in your dishwasher.

Instant Pot Lets You Cook Healthier Food

The sealed pressure cooker setup is ideal for making healthy meals. Nutrients are lost by overcooking or burning a meal, meaning the vital nutrition you’re after stays in the food you prepare. Further, the high heat and internal pressure kills bacteria and microorganisms, drastically reducing the risk of food poisoning. For those who prize nutrition and food safety, this is a must-have device.

Instant Pot Makes Bulk Cooking a Snap

One of the most cost-effective ways to prepare food is in big bulk batches. You can make a pot of chili or curry and freeze it in packages, giving you meals that you only need to thaw or microwave when needed. The problem lies in how long such batches take to cook, as they’re traditionally the domain of the slow cooker or roasting pan. This means people tend to get one type of meal, and then grow tired of it after eating it for too long.

Instant Pot’s speedy cooking time and good capacity allows you to easily make two or three batch meals in a few hours, giving you the flexibility and variety that are essential to both healthy eating and emotionally satisfying eating.

Further, the Instant Pot can be used to prepare the frozen meal. Just take it from the container and add it to Instant Pot on the correct setting and let it cook, and you’re ready to eat. This can save time and energy in the long run, and avoids the frustration of cooking in a microwave with frozen food.

Instant Pot Will Save Energy Costs

Instant Pot’s pressure cooking system speeds up the rate at which meals cook, as we’ve already explained. A traditional slow cooker can easily take anywhere from four to seven hours to cook a stew, and it’s drawing power the entire time it runs. Instant Pot, by contrast, can prepare the same stew in under two hours, drastically reducing the amount of energy that’s drawn in the long run. Instant Pot also isn’t running the entire time a meal is cooking; once the ideal internal temperature and pressure are reached, the Pot shuts down and allows the meal to cook, only adding more heat when needed.

Instant Pot Is Easy to Learn to Use

As have mentioned about Instapot, most of the functions boil down to the following steps: select setting, add ingredients, wait.

Some recipes come with multiple steps, but these steps all come back to those same three functions. This makes learning to use and experimenting with your Instant Pot hassle-free and enjoyable. If nothing else changes the way you cook, the sheer ease of Instant Pot will win you over.

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