10 Must Have Kitchen Tools for The Master Baker

You don’t need to be a master baker to take advantage of these kitchen tools, in fact, they’re a necessity for bakers of every level. Some things are just essential to life.

1. Oven Thermometer
You might be wondering why you need this when your oven does it for you, but unless you have a brand-new oven, then there’s a good chance it’s completely inaccurate. As every baker knows, the temperature is a big deal. So, save yourself a whole lot of time and trouble and pick up an oven thermometer.

2. Hand Mixer
Stand mixers are all well and good, but sometimes you need a good old fashion hand mixer to get down to business. It’s the ideal tool for someone just starting out or who just bakes for the fun of it. It’s an affordable tool that will serve you well, whether you’re making the ultimate scones or whipping up meringue.

3. Scales
If you cook and bake then you’ll know how free with measurements you can be in cooking. It isn’t the same situation when it comes to baking – recipes are everything. The most precise way to measure your ingredients is by using a scale. It will make your baking a breeze.

4. Silicone Mats
Forget running out of parchment paper; silicone mats are everything you didn’t know you needed. Expect evenly baked cookies and never struggle to scrape your treats off the tray again. Even better if you choose a dishwasher friendly mat, toss it in with everything else and move on. You’ll find yourself using them for things other than baking, too.

5. Hand Sifter
Have you ever spotted the need to sift your dry ingredients on a recipe and shrugged it off like it’s an unnecessary hassle? There is a legitimate need to sift dry ingredients; it aerates them to prevent lumps and bumps. It’s an inexpensive but critical kitchen tool for anyone who loves to bake.

6. Rimmed Baking Trays
They’re the ideal option for sheet cakes, bread, cookies, and even roasting vegetables. They’re particularly handy when you’re dealing with mixes that are fairly liquid as the rim ensures no leakage in your oven (and it won’t waste your mix).

7. Pastry Blender
You might think you don’t need a pastry blender, but it’s incredibly handy for a variety of tasks including biscuits, pie dough, and scones. It’s great when you need to break cold butter up to create a sumptuous flaky dough. The biggest issue most tools have is they tend to warm your butter, but it’s vital to keep it cold when you’re making pastry!

8. Cooling Racks
Sure, you can struggle by without one – if you want soggy baked goods. Cooling racks are vital because it ensures your treats cool evenly, as opposed to allowing the bottom to continue baking in a hot oven pan. You only need a few to make sure your baked goods get the best possible treatment before you enjoy them with a cuppa.

9. The Accoutrement
There are certain things that no baker can do without, and that includes a rolling pin, mixing bowls, whisks, spatulas, measuring spoons, and measuring cups. Thus, the accouterment. You can pick up a rolling pin at little cost, and it’s an absolute must if you are into cookie and scone making. You might try to get around it and use other tools to do the job, but it’s time to give in and invest in a decent rolling pin. Whether you prefer plastic, metal, or glass – mixing bowls are indispensable. Stop trying to use salad bowls to do the job when you can buy the real deal.

Of course, whisks and spatulas are a vital part of the baking process. You should have a variety of sizes and styles as you’ll need them for mixing, stirring, spreading frosting, and scraping bowls. If you’ve ever been baking and found yourself frustrated with your tools there’s a good chance it’s been about a spatula or whisk. It’s something so small, but so important. Go for quality; there’s nothing worse than a snapped tool mid-whisk.

Yes, we suggested that you go for kitchen scales, but you still need measuring spoons and measuring cups for certain ingredients. Make sure you have a variety of sizes, and your best bet is to opt for a set of each to cover the variety of sizes. You never know when you’ll need to measure an eighth of a cup for some obscure new recipe you found online. It’s a good idea to cover every eventuality, as there is nothing worse than being mid-recipe and realizing your kitchen tools are seriously lacking.

10. Cookie Scoops
Yes, you can finally create cookies that are perfectly shaped, but you can do more than that with them! Get them in various sizes and use them for muffins, pancakes, cupcakes, and even ice cream and mashed potatoes. There are small ones which are ideal for small cookies and truffles.

You can find the above-mentioned kitchen tools online and utilize incredible discount vouchers from Laura Ashley kitchen accessories to cut down your cost. So make sure you update your kitchen with all the necessary equipment for a perfect baking experience.

Kristin Ryals

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