How to Find the Best Ceramic Kitchen Knives for Your Cutlery Kingdom

When you are making a decision to replace your kitchen utensils or get your first set when moving into your new house, a look at the available or most sought after best ceramic knives in the marketplace will do you a lot of good. Ceramic knives are lighter in comparison to stainless steel or metal knives.

They are reputable as non – oxidizing kitchenware and are not wont to wear out like metal knives. On closer examination, they endure the effect of acids better than their metal counterparts and as to their cutting edge, minimal sharpening is what is required.

They make an easy slice of vegetables, meat, fruits and for bread- the serrated ones are well-suited. They are however probably not your favorite for frozen foods and could chip away if used on bones. Their brittleness makes them susceptible to breaking if used roughly. Metal knives are also known to give way if handled roughly too.

What I have decided to do here is provide you with a guide to enhance your ability to make an appropriate buying decision when shopping for the appropriate and best ceramic knives.

Amazing Tips to use Ceramic Knives

Caring Tips

Ceramic knives are better used on a board made out of hardwood. Wood is characteristically soft and protective of your blade. As for plastic cutting boards, their hard surface ends up damaging your knife blade. Even if this might not be immediate, but over time, it wears out easily.

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On a similar note, plastic is also known to harbor bacteria if not diligently cleaned after use easily. Wood possesses intrinsic chemicals that kill off bacteria, and you need to wash with dish detergent and warm water after use.

Prepare to use scorching water if you cut raw meat or fish on your cutting board. When cutting on countertops, marble or glass is ill-advised as this can shorten the lifespan of the blade or make them break easily.

Sharpening Tips

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Ceramic knives have a cutting edge that is ten times more durable than knives made out of metals. They do not require sharpening on a consistent basis as this will make them lose blade edge easily.

While metal knives do well with regular sharpening, ceramic knives are the direct opposite. Ceramic is a hard material and is not easy to re-sharpen with honing stone or electric sharpeners. The gritty diamond electric sharpeners are the best bet although they come highly-priced. What most users do is to replace their ceramic knife once the edge is gone.

Storage Tips

The need for proper storage for knives is primary to keep them from becoming dull so easily or chip. When placed in your drawer for utensils, just make sure they are not scratching or touching other utensils.

Plastic sleeves are an excellent protective gear for them or in the alternative, use a blade guard. If your knife came along with a wooden block, learn to keep each one by size so that they can remain safe and sharp.

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Other Usable Tips

For cleaning, some ceramic knives are dishwasher -but not all might fall into this class, so look at the instructions that they came along with before putting them in your dishwasher. It is also instructive that you make sure they do not scratch against anything when placed in the dishwasher.

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The ease of cleaning might mean you should not bother about using the dishwasher for this set of utensils. Some diamond sharpening wheels are excellent as more power –powered tools for your ceramic or steel blades; you might want to consider them as well.

How To Choose Best Ceramic Knives

Making a pick of the ceramic knife set that suits you out of the lot can be a testing exercise but the type of home you are in, the size of your family and the number of cooks available to use the culinary set would obviously make a difference.

For a family of just two or even a single- occupant home might as well make do with a knife set of 2 products that incorporates the paring knife and the long form knife. Homes that have many occupants can look forward to the set of 8-piece that can answer to different purposes as should be expected in large home.

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While the number of occupants in a home might not be the final determinant of the knife set to buy, the kind of cooking that goes on in the home might be another clue to look at. A person who cooks regularly and makes a variety of meals and culinary packages might look more in the direction of the knife set with several options to choose from.

This would mean that cooking will not be limited by the absence of the knife that will dice, slice or cut the required shape of meal item. This is the reason why reading through the review in its entirety will do you a lot of good as you decide on the ceramic knife of choice for your home.

Reviewing the Five Best Ceramic Knives on the Market

1. Oliver & Kline Best Ceramic Knife Set


This knife set came well-reviewed and acclaimed with its distinctive magnetic gift box that comprises the following:

  • 5 inch-sized Utility / Slicing Knife
  • 3 Pieces of 6 inch-sized Chef Knives
  • 4 inch-sized Fruit / Paring Knives

The ceramic knives are superior to steel knives is no secret and the basis hinge on the ease of cleaning and the longevity of their cutting –edge Oliver & Kline ceramic knives are built based on a luxurious and sleek design that enhances your culinary experience.

The 3-piece Knife Set that comes in a black magnetic box, offers you:

  • Zirconium material products that are stain-resistant and antitrust.
  • Easy-grip ergonomics that is non-slip
  • High functionality and easy to use even without sharpening!


  • They slice through your meat and food effortlessly.
  • They are stain resistant and rust-proof
  • They present an enhancement to your kitchen décor
  • They offer functionality, personality, and style. 
  • They can be the perfect and elegant gift box with magnetic attraction.


  • Sharpening can be expensive for you decide to sharpen instead of replacing them.

2. DALSTRONG Ceramic Knives Set – Infinity Blades – 2 Piece Gift Set

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The Dalstrong Infinity Blade ceramic knife is well reviewed as the craft of painstaking effort having been subjected to more than 200 tons of extreme exertion to produce a brand of the finest brand of zirconium powder.

It is hard, resistant to wear and stronger than many brands out there. The blade is proven to be polished to a close mirror finish and has up to 15 times that edge power of steel.

The process of producing this cutting delight is the cold isostatic methodology which makes the ceramic base such a masterpiece with high resistance and hardness. The Dalstrong Infinity brand of ceramic knives will give you the finest edge and sharpest cut at an unmatched price.


  • Has uniformity and a trusted higher density
  • The blade is reputed to have sharpness edge that is more than 30 percent sharper than what others offer in the marketplace.
  • The hardness is close to that of diamond and capable of slicing ultra-thin shapes
  • Resistant top germ and bacteria infestation
  • The handle id made from a sheet that is BPA-free
  • It is absorbent of oils, acids, and salts
  • Comes with 100 percent money return guarantee


  • This knives does not designed for chopping bones or frozen foods
  • Do not pry, strike or saw with this knife either.

3.The Kyocera Knife Set -Revolution Series

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This Knife set comes with:

  • 3-inch Paring
  • Black handle as well as White Blade options
  • 5-1/2-inch measured Santoku Knife Set

The technology behind Kyocera Advanced Ceramic kitchen knives is such that provides a combo of beautiful and practical sets of two knives. They are a perfect fit for home cooking and will indefinitely become your kitchen favorite upon daily use.

They make mincemeat of your vegetables in your desired shapes while fruits and boneless meat get a day of reckoning with this kitchen delight. The Santoku and the paring knife make up the two select knives in the pack which is exceptional utility picks for your kitchen.

When peeling fruits, feel free to use the paring knife and for similar chores like trimming vegetables or for seeding while the Santoku will pick on dicing, slicing, and julienning.

This perfect gift set of 2-piece custom designed knives with ceramic design comes with white blades and a size of 5-1/2 for the Santoku while the Paring one is a 3-inch model.


  • Cuts to microscopic precision and ease of slice
  • The blades are anti-acid debilitating and absorb oil, salts and other elements with ease and no fear of rust
  • They come lightweight and balanced for extreme cuts
  • Anti-fatigue due to its ergonomic edge
  • Comes as perfect for repetitive cutting
  • Easy to clean with hand wash
  • Comes with Kyocera electric sharpener


  • It is not safe for dishwasher use
  • Should be sharpened with an electric sharpener from Kyocera.

4.MoiChef 8-Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set

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This knife set comes with its acclaim and features:

  • 1 Blue 3 inches measured Paring Knife for vegetable chores and fitting for fruits as well
  • 1 Yellow 4 inches measured Fruit Knife that is fitting for fruity chores
  • 1 Green 5 inches measured Utility Knife that is well-suited for any slicing as well as food preparation chores
  • 1 Red 6 inches measured Chef Knife that completes dicing, cutting and mincing with ease
  • 4 portable covers (white)

The MoiChef-8 is made of razor sharp blades that are precise for cutting which creates desirable cuts of fruits, meats, and vegetables. They can be used with no basis for sharpening and are hygienic. Each set comes with fruit utility, chef knives with covers for the blade. They are also lightweight and do not affect the color and taste of food.


  • Made of Zirconium Ceramic Blades
  • Have handles that are Color Coded
  • Designed ergonomically
  • Slicing of food can be easily done


  • Like other ceramic knives, deciding to sharp them will be expensive.
  • Honing tools have no effect on them

5. Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

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The checkered Chef Ceramic knives are built to slice smoothly through foods and handling them comes with such ease. Beginners will find them easy to use, and seasoned cooks will have no reason to complain.

The saying that ceramic knives stay forever sharp is a plus for this brand. If safety and precision come with a high rating in your estimation, then this knife is a sure bet? It is non-oxidizing and therefore a healthy fit to cut through your vegetables, fruits, and meat.

The package comes with knives of four distinctive size and shape. Though not flexible it is an ideal fit for your kitchen chores with its four optional knives you can use for a variety of purposes.

You get a 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch ceramic knife set with a holder and scissors to boot.


  • They come with the edge that overcomes cutting fatigue
  • They are easy to grip
  • The blades are made from zirconium oxide
  • The blades come with incredibly sharp blades
  • They are sleek and are an aesthetic addition to your counter top
  • They are anti-rust and affordable


  • Not to be sharpened with honing tools
  • Diamond based sharpener commonly recommended for it is expensive

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve discussed five of the best ceramic knives for your kitchen, it’s your turn to take the plunge and invest in a beautiful set today. Personally, we recommend the Oliver & Kline for it’s beautiful precision and durability against harsh textured foods.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they can deliver your home a quality service that’ll pay for itself quickly. Your daily meals should never be hard to make because of the lack of proper utensils, and one of the knives above can make your meal creation seamless.

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