How the Best Milk Frother Works in 3 Steps

Choosing the best milk frother should be anchored on a mix of factors that is of real relevance to anyone who uses the product. However, the budget might be a defining factor when it comes to what customers consider. Another factor that might come to the table is the regularity of use and with less-rugged models; frequent use will lead to early replacement.

A milk frother is a kitchen tool that's not too big of a device and can as a result; occupy any position in the kitchen. In having this, it eliminates the specter of anyone bickering over a lack of space to store it when not in use. Characteristically, when milk is emptied into the frothier, there is a series of movements that generates warm air so that the milk gets froth for use.

In case, you don't have a milk frother at your home, you can use a blender instead to create the foamy milk topping on your beverage, but it cannot get the foam like the milk frother does. Because of that a milk frother is actually worth your money especially if you are a coffee lover).

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3 Essential Functions

The ease of use of the milk frother is such that makes it possible to enjoy your favorite espresso, coffee or cappuccino at home with the signature foamy topping. Here are three clearly distinctive functions:

  • When the milk frother is in use, the milk is aerated so that the generation of warm air gets it agitated to result in the bubbles that are visible.
  • The mild texture and lightness of the milk from the frothing increases its quantity and gives it a foamy look that makes a difference in cappuccino and related drinks.
  • The easy models of the milk frother use motorized whisks, hand pumps, and minute gadgets to get the milk frothed and warmed as desired.

What Type of Milk Frother?

1. Battery Powered Milk Frother

The battery powered milk frother is cheap and readily affordable although it can be tiring and a bad fit for anyone in a hurry. If you are at home with the time lag that comes with using this model, then head to the stores to get your gadget to have your delight.


Here is how to make use of this gadget:

  • Get your milk heated and mind you; this is not boiling, so you don't lose the foam.
  • Empty half or one-third measure into the carafe
  • Put the hand pump to work as fast as possible
  • Your froth should be ready within a minute
  • Add the frothed milk to your espresso
  • You have a ready cappuccino to enjoy

2. Electric Powered Milk Frother

This electric powered version utilizes a battery-based whisk to get the job done to get your frothed milk in place. It is faster and certainly an upgrade compared to the had-powered option. Less effort is needed to put this gadget to work, and you can be sure of your expected outcome.


Here is how to get it working:

  • Get you milk warm (not boiled; so you don’t lose the foam)
  • Half to one-third measure of your milk cup is ideal
  • Power on your electric frother with the whisk the milk. Apply pressure to accelerate and decelerate as you stir
  • Allow it to fill the space within the pitcher so that it can be aerated
  • In less than 30 seconds or there about, you thick froth will be staring you in the face
  • Mix your espresso and milk to have your delight
  • Enjoy your cappuccino or drink of your choice

3. Automated Milk Frother

To use the option of an automated milk frother, it means you have to let go of more money than what is required of the first two alternatives. The edge of this product is that you only need to empty your milk afterward, push the controls and allow it get the job done while you snap your fingers.

The other end of the stick here is that after getting your frothed milk, you have to sweat a bit to have it cleaned out compared to the other alternatives.

The fact that operating this gadget is easy makes it attractive to buy and knowing that the process requires less effort from you is an edge to consider. The ease of technology products is seen in this gadget and if you love the easy part, then go get it!

For this automated frother, you must:

  • Look at your carafe and fill it to half-measure or on the third mark (as you wish)
  • Power on (and depending on the model you have, you could get it whisked with no heating element at work) to use the heatless option, hold down the switch till you see the blue indicator come on after the mild flick. You have the privilege to decide your option.
  • The milk froth will be done and dusted in 90 seconds, and while you wait on this, you can do some other things and is why milk frothing is popular. It produces a practical product and is easy to multi-task.
  • The prompt that comes up after the frothing is complete tells you have your expectations fulfilled. So, access your frothed milk by opening the carafe and empty it into your espresso.
  • Savor your drink or cappuccino, just as you want it with the frothing swirling at the top.

Reviewing the Five Best Milk Frother on the Market

Last update on 2020-03-19 at 23:12 PST / Using Amazon API - More info Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

If you own this device, then you are sure to experience your range of cappuccinos and creamy lattes with no fuss. You can be sure that your coffee will certainly be creamy and foamy, as you want in the comfort of your living room.


Using the Epica, you are given a platter to experience some milk frothing options that straddles the hot, warm or cold. You can be sure that you have a befitting topping for cocktails, espresso, cocoa drink or cappuccino.

This pick of the pack among the best milk frother will present you with thick, luxuriously creamy and an enduring froth that will stare you in the face till the cup is emptied. This frother can be used for almond milk or soy milk if you are a vegan recipe adherent.

The material utilized in the Epica is stainless steel and is easily cleaned and is no wear design. The carafe is housed in a vacuum insulation so that the frothed milk can remain as you want.

The Epica comes with a detachable carafe so that you have no worries over the cord getting in the way as you do your routines. You can place the seat as you want and store it with no fuss.​

  • Fits the bill for iced drinks and cappuccino as it makes cold or hot milk while for the latte and a range of hot drinks, you will have the hot milk
  • Temperature is maintained with stainless steel casing and vacuum insulation.
  • You can detach carafe so that you can pour easily as you want, leaving the base in position.
  • Has a capacity of 125 ml for frothing and heating is accommodated up to 250 ml.
  • The product comes with a warranty that covers a two-year stretch
  • Just be sure to look out for the max line so you can keep to frothing and heating recommendations to avoid a spillage when the gadget gets revved up.


  • It’s extremely quiet
  • Easy clean-up


  • Some models have not lasted as long.
  • Frothing takes a bit longer than competitor models
  • The whisks are somewhat clunky

The Secura serves warm and cool milk froth is you are looking out for cappuccinos while your lattes have a good fit with the warm milk offer. The capacity for the Secura is 125 millimeters if you are frothing milk while a top-end of 250 millimeters will do well for warm milk.


Each Secura frother is complete with a double mark threshold so that you can utilize the topmost for heating and the lower ink for frothing milk. It is recommended that to keep your device safe, make sure the lower mark is reached before you froth your milk.

The design of this frother is steel plated on the outside and has an inbuilt vacuum insulation as well as a detachable base. It comes with a cleaning brush as well as the comfort of a warranty spread over 24 months.​

Getting the hot drink function activated is easy as you only need to power it on with the frother function dormant. However, to get the frothing function to work, hold on to the power button for another 3 seconds to turn the frother on​.

  • Cold and warm milk function that suits your cappuccino range
  • Gets you the milk of desired warmth that suits lattes
  • Set at 125 ml if you are ready to froth milk while the warm milk edge is at 250 ml
  • Minimum and maximum level indicators to suit your milk type
  • Easy press power button
  • Heater and frother functions are activated in split seconds
  • But heater won't flip one. This makes bloodless liquids.

The exterior of this frother is made of chrome steel on the exterior chrome complete with the matching vacuum insulation, easily detachable base and unattached cleansing brush. This is a point of attraction that you might want to explore further.


  • The quality of machine is stainless steel
  • The interior is non-stick
  • Easy to use


  • You cannot submerge into water while cleaning.
  • May have a thin layer of burnt milk or product at the bottom after you use it.
  • Strainer can melt from high-power motor
  • Heater makes bloodless liquids, and won't flip one.

Nespresso 3192-US Plus frother is a machine that gets the job done in seconds if you love the froth dab on cappuccinos or the heated topping for lattes.


The Nespresso will give you an incredible access to the frothed milk in no time at the push of a button. This quiet and compact frother come to an extraordinary design that produces your milk froth of choice with ease. Empty fresh milk into the carafe and at a tap, the frother goes to work. You will enjoy this device if you are impatient like me and always on the go.

Here are features to notice:​

  • Hot milk mark at 120 ml while the froth milk mark is pegged at 250 ml.
  • Fitting for lattes and cappuccino with dual cold and hot milk froth functionality.
  • Finishes your warm milk in a max of 70 seconds while minimum and maximum degree indicators are available.
  • The base is detachable.

The fast and easy functionality of this milk frother are attractive, and you can grab one today if you are swayed by these top features above.


  • No layer of burnt milk or product on the bottom
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be submerged in water for cleaning


  • The milk could be a bit hotter.
  • Product life is slightly shorter than others from this company.

The Black MatchaDNA frother will provide you frothed milk in split seconds while you lounge within the confines of your home. You are offered the option of a cold or a hot mix of frothed milk so you can enjoy your bubbles astride your cappuccino with no fuss.


It makes it possible to treat kids and adults alike to their delightful drink of choice and can be powered with AA batteries which you need to get as it is not part of the package.

Here are some features you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Battery operated and hand-held
  • Makes you foamy milk for cappuccinos and lattes and more drink matches
  • The shaft is crafted out of Stainless-steel just like the whip while the ABS are fitted in Plastic frame
  • Can be cleaned easily and simple to operate

Some persons are at home with hand-held devices, and this makes this MatchaDNA, a good fit for such class of milk frothing lovers.


  • Easy-to-grip body
  • Small enough to fit inside drawers


  • Frother spins slightly too fast – milk may sprinkle out
  • Too thick of crème may be a disadvantage while using

The Breville BMF600XL gets the job done using the induction heating process that incorporates spinning to bring about those tiny bubbles. The frother comes with a disc set for cappuccino and latte respectively.


What you need to do is to input the disc you require with the milk quantity and tap the temperature that suits your expectation before selecting the start button. Going forward, the frother will accelerate and turn off when the set temperature elapses.

This frother is an absolute fit for tech-savvies who have no time to waste with grappling hand-powered and clumsy design models. Other features that are worth mentioning:

  • Makes smooth milk as well as the frothing mix for your drinks of choice
  • Comes with a disk for Cappuccino frothing for that creamy end
  • You will have your hot chocolate if you add some Chocó powder, syrup or flakes to your heated milk
  • Disc storage is configured On-board
  • Induction heating mechanism and cleaning are made easy, as it is dishwasher compatible
  • Has a disc for frothing milk for your latte


  • Can melt chocolate chips
  • No electrical parts, no moving parts
  • Manual temperature setting


  • Manual doesn’t help too much with little “quirks” of the machine
  • You may have to start machine as soon as you put in milk for it to work properly

The Final Verdict

The Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother makes my top pick among the best milk frother options listed here in this review. The superior stainless steel material and milk level indicators make it a quality product that any milk frothing buff will be proud of always.

That you have a vacuum insulating mechanism makes it possible to have your milk at the warmth or cold levels to suit your taste.

The durability of this product is not in doubt and whether you are an occasional or regular user of milk frothing, you will be glad you have a frother of excellent quality as I do.

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