Check This Out To Know The Best Rotary Cheese Grater For Your Money!

Who doesn’t love cheese? It’s yummy, and it goes well with everything! In fact, it makes food more awesome. It’s great for pizza, pasta, steak, sandwiches, salads, and even some drinks! Cheese is surely an awesome way to top everything!

The thing is, cheese may be a little difficult to bite off directly on its brick form. Slicing it makes it easier, but grating it is the way to go. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently! If you can get your hands on the best rotary cheese grater, you’re in for a treat!


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Greater Cheese Grater

The invention of cheese grater enabled us to prepare cheese faster and hassle free. Or so we thought that life became easier? Well, if it is not easy enough, the invention of a rotary cheese grater is just plain phenomenal!

Who thought the better life could become even better? Imagine how easy it was when the box grater was conceptualized and invented? But then you realized that grating tons of cheese could become a hard work when you saw a rotary cheese grater!

Is the best rotary cheese grater better than its old version, the box grater? Imagine if you are making a sandwich, you might just use a knife to slice your cheese. But then, you would get uneven slices. Then you decide to use a cheese grater. Your problem is now solved.

Now, what if you are crazy about cheese and you can’t get enough? Surely, there is a better way to prepare your awesome cheesy recipe to make things way easier.

I mean, way easier. Yes, the answer lies on your rotary cheese grater. This is just a simple rotating machine. But if you look at it intently, wheels are circular so that your car can move with ease. Even the engine parts use a circulating motion to make the most out of the combustion!

Features And Benefit of Rotary Cheese Grater

Even the state of the art cow and goat milking process were designed to rotate for ease! This helps farmers extract milk and make dairy products quickly and efficiently!

You see, even experts agree that a rotary machine is better to extract milk faster! Which gives them more time to deliver and process the dairy product and make cheese!

Now it’s only fair that we, too, make the most of these tools as a gesture of respect with their genius invention. (Maybe, soon, we might find out that chewing cheese in a circular method is better!)

At a glance, rotary cheese grater may all look the same. Well, in theory, they all function the same. But there are subtle differences that make them more effective than the other.

1. Non-slip Grip

You may want a cheese grater that will not slip off your hands when you are delicately garnishing your food. You don’t want to drop your tool on your precious plate and ruin the serving!

2. Ergonomic Grip

You may also want to consider something that fits your hands perfectly. To reduces the force you will need to exert on it to hold them in place.

3. Interchangeable Blades

Box grater features different coarseness on each side. What good is a rotary grater if it cannot yield different grate? A package with many different blades can give you the versatility to choose how you want your cheese to be ground.

4. Quality of Blade

This may seem trivial at first but, when you start to see rust formation on your blade, that is not a good sign. You don’t want to spoil the taste of your food with rust! In the long run, the blade will lose its sharpness and will do the opposite of your goal; it will make things more difficult.

5. Mountable Base

Well, if you can have something that would not budge in heavy use, having a base is recommended. I know grating cheese is not all difficult, but if you can get your hands on something that will make things better, why not?

6. Dishwasher Friendly

In a modern fast paced world, multi-tasking is a must! If you can leave it in your dishwasher and do other things, I bet you can be more productive!

7. Abusing Cheese

If you are making large batches of food involving cheese, you could spend less time and effort in grating them to tiny bits. Now that you have them quick and ready it’s time to see which among the hot items available online is the best of them all.

In no time, you can make dozens of pizzas on your own without breaking a sweat and straining your arm!

Reviewing the Five Best Rotary Cheese Grater

Last update on 2020-03-20 at 00:18 PST / Using Amazon API - More info Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

This classic cheese grater gets the job done quick and easy. It is fitted with a stainless rotating drum. It is made of sturdy plastic and can be easily held snugly. The parts are removable and can be taken apart easily to facilitate easy cleaning.



  • Compact - It is designed to fit easily in your kitchen drawer and save space!
  • Sturdy - It can accommodate hard cheese, nuts, and chocolates and powder them with ease.
  • Lightweight - Not all of us are bodybuilders, right? It only weighs around a third of a pound. That’s like holding nothing at all! This means you can grate cheese all day!
  • Removable parts - To facilitate easier cleaning, ZYLISS made sure that you can tear this cheese greater apart without destroying it. Cleaning up sure is not a task.


  • Fine Grind - Fine is okay if you intend to grind something fine. But this limits you to only one texture. Only one drum is included which means you’re stuck with one texture.
  • Left Over Cheese - The top cover that pushes the cheese in is a bit too far from the rotating drum. This will always leave you a small piece of in the end.
  • Small Hole - There is nothing wrong with a small hole. But if you intend to grate soft cheese, you might end up with a clogged cylinder. You will not encounter this problem if you are grating hard cheese.

Westmark is a company known for making quality kitchen tools. They take pride in their craftsmanship and confident to give a 5-year warranty on their products! That is astounding! This multipurpose grater can be used from other kitchen ingredients other than cheese!



  • 5-Year Warranty - This company is confident that this product will last for not lower than five years! If it doesn’t, you can contact them for support and they will gladly help you!
  • Three Different Stainless Drums - To be true to their words, they included three different high-quality stainless drums to give you different Texture. Aside from that, they also included a slicer in case you need one.
  • Dishwasher Safe - The materials used in this piece of tool dishwasher safe. After using it, you can leave it on your dishwasher and do something else.
  • ABS Material - This kitchen device is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or simply a thermoplastic polymer. It’s almost as tough as glass but not easy to break. No wonder they can give such a long warranty.


  • Slippery Grip - The grips are a little slippery and may require more from you to hold in place.
  • Small Grating Chamber - You will be required to cut your cheese to smaller pieces before grating it.

Ikea thought well of this product and made way for left-handers to use it too! It features a simplistic design that can be inverted to accommodate whichever your dominant hand is. It comes with 2 drums which give you fine and coarse texture.



  • Reversible Orientation - It is a fact that we are dominated by right-handed persons. But luckily, Ikea made sure that this will not be a restriction. This reversible design enables you to grate with ease using your dominant hand.
  • Includes 2 Drums - The box includes 2 different gauge of drum cylinders to give you the ability to customize how fine or coarse you want your cheese to be.
  • Few Parts - They made sure that this kitchen device is made only of a few parts to make cleaning easier. You get a few number of parts when you dismantle which means it can be easily taken care off after use.
  • Dishwasher Safe - If it isn’t already easy enough to clean, they also made sure that you can stick it in your dishwasher while you do other things.


  • Small Chamber - The chamber will not be able to securely accommodate cheese bigger than a 2-inch cube.
  • Small Handle - It’s tiny and a little hard to hold on to. You will need a good grip to grate lots of hard cheese.
  • No Locking Mechanism - There is nothing to secure the top cover of the chamber that pushes the cheese inside. If you are not careful, you may end up grating the cover itself!

Orrechi made a cheese grater with a large chamber to accommodate more cheese while grating. It is fitted with a fixed 2.5mm drum which grinds your cheese finely. You will find it easy to grate hard cheese and soft cheese too!



  • Large Chamber - A large chamber can make things easier for you. You will not have to pre-cut your cheese to tiny pieces before grating them.
  • Sturdy Material - It’s made of sturdy ABS and free of harmful BPAs. They can be cleaned through your dishwasher to make it easier for you.
  • Pouch Included - It comes with a handy pouch to store them neatly.
  • Hand Guard - They probably thought about the people who have injured themselves while grating cheese and came up with this cool feature! It is equipped with a safety guard to prevent you from having direct contact with the blade


  • Fixed Drum - If you want a different texture other than fine, you will have to purchase a different grater as this can only do one job. That is to give you a finely textured cheese.
  • Flimsy Handle - If you are the type, who uses brute force to grate cheese, be careful! The handle is a little flimsy and does not feel sturdy to handle a heavy beating.
  • A Little Expensive - I must admit that they look simple and stylish. But if you don’t want stylish, it can be a little expensive.

A few rotary cheese grater offer a simple and useful but often neglected feature, a base. Kuuk Drum Grater features a mountable suction base that attaches to most smooth surfaces. This gives you the ability to use one hand to grate and the other to browse your phone!



  • Mountable Base - It can be mounted on smooth surfaces and free your other hand to flick a page of your book or browse your recipe on your phone.
  • 2 Different Drum - To cater different types of cheese and other food, they included two different drums with a different texture. This makes them effective on soft cheeses, hard cheeses, and some other vegetables.
  • Okay Chamber - The chamber has enough space to accommodate a good amount of cheese


  • Not Suitable for Large Bowls - Since it is fixed, you will not be able to catch your yield in a large bowl. If you are making large batches, you will have to transfer your yield to a larger working bowl.
  • Has Difficulty Grinding Hard Cheese - Since it is mounted on a surface, it is safe to assume that you can have your other hand free. If you are grating hard cheese, this feature may defeat the purpose as you may need to hold the base for firmer support.
  • Consumes a Lot of Space - If you want everything cleaned up, boxed, and stored in your top shelf, you will find that this is a little bulky for a cheese grater and consumes a lot of space in the cabinet.


There you have it! The five best rotary cheese grater in the market. If you feel like a box greater is old-school, your right! Box graters are a thing of the past! Rotary cheese grater has proven that it can do a better and faster job.

Even other industries use a rotary design to improve things! Even traffic control use rotary designs! Can we disagree with that?

Clearly, there is only one best item among the five that is better than all. Westmark has trumped its competitors in its versatility. The ability to change the rotary blades according to your current need means you get to use it on other things too!

But if you want more control, a Kuuk mountable rotary cheese greater is a great choice too! You will grate a large amount of cheese without straining your hands!

I hope you this article helps you decide which best rotary cheese grater is for you! Feel free to share this with your friends and family so they can decide which to choose! Leave a comment below, and I will contact you soon!

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