Top 54 Vegetarian And Vegan Blogs You Should Follow Now

Aren’t we all in a search for a new recipe every day? Sometimes we even end up repeating menus because we can’t think of anything else to cook!Well, we can’t deny that eating is pleasurable. But when you cook and eat the same delicious meal every time, it loses its appeal. This is a signal that we have to expand our recipe arsenal!

Finding great legitimate recipes can be a little difficult because of the number of websites that pop online. The difficulty rises all the more when you are vegan. Some ingredients may not be locally available or hard to find!Nevertheless, we have taken the time to probe the internet to bring you the best sources of vegan recipes! I’m sure you will find a few favorites in one of these sites!

101 Cookbooks

Heidi Swanson started this blog in 2003 and had since received many awards. She had written and published many cookbooks too! She advocates the natural way of cooking and the use natural ingredients in her recipes.This page is neatly organized and you won’t have trouble navigating through it.

The guides are thorough, and beginners and experts alike would find her techniques and recipes enticing! You won’t believe how she started out with recipe cut-outs!​

Oh She Glows

This lady on her early 30’s, Angela, started a blog called Oh She Glowed in 2008 and had gained huge traffic in her site until today. She had published four cookbooks to date and has an app developed for her blog! As her blog name suggests, she wants her follower to realize that the outside glow comes from inside nourishment!

She started her blog undecided what to focus on. As she continues to write, she fell in love with cooking and channeled her focus on something she can be really good at. If you are interested in some stories of success, she also chronicled her life and how she took pregnancy on her blog too!

Sprouted Kitchen

This site is a husband and wife’s labor of love. Sara loves cooking and her husband, Hugh, loves taking still photographs. With their combined talent and love for food, they made an awesome eye-catching food blog that is surely a feast for the eyes!

In their site, you will find loads and loads of vegan and vegetarian recipes that will keep you occupied for weeks! If you love fresh produce, you will be delighted to know that Sara loves it too, and she has lots of recipes including the season’s finest produce.

The First Mess

Laura Wright, the author of The First Mess cookbook, owns this blog and showcases her talent in this site. Laura loves writing about the art natural way of cooking. She is a fan of plant-based food and cooking what is in the season.

The First Mess blog is properly indexed, and you can easily search for some recipes you want to try. Laura loves juices and smoothies too! She has a dedicated page where she gives easy smoothie recipes you can make at home.

The Plant Philosophy

A cat-lover, Margaret Chapman, created The Plant Philosophy (formerly The Plant-Strong Vegan) to share her recipes to her fellow vegan followers. She is not born and raised vegan like most of us. She struggled in the transition as she switched!

In her blog, she offers a free meal plan for those who are not sure how to handle their transition in food selection. This is to help people like her to have an easier and smoother switch!If you thought going vegan means letting go of dessert, you’re wrong! You will find some awesome dessert recipes on this site!

Naturally Ella

Naturally, Ella is a food blog written by Erin Alderson. Her inspiration came from a tragic death in the family. Her father suffered and was defeated by a heart attack, and since then, she vowed to live a healthy life. With her inspiration and love for food, she created this blog and authored a cookbook featuring healthy recipes.

Erin is also a fan of improvisation in the kitchen. In fact, some of her recipes rooted from improvisation! Her cooking style gives her followers a free hand in substituting and adding flavors.

My New Roots

Sarah Britton has started My New Roots in 2007 and has continued to provide her followers with sumptuous recipes. She is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner so you guys could expect healthy food recipes in this blog.

Sarah shows us how we can live without meat and meat-derived products while still enjoying delicious food! Her love for food and nutrition led her to create a cookbook that promises to teach a nutrition-based approach to cooking.

Delicious From Scratch

As the blog suggests, Nancy Anne loves making food out of scratch! She loves to cook vegetarian and vegan-friendly food! She started her vegetarian way of living when she was ten years old and found out that the world doesn’t offer that much selection for vegetarians and vegans.

With this dilemma in mind, she started out this blog and consistently posts vegan and vegetarian recipes to help her fellow create a tasty meal plan. If you happen to live in Leeds or Yorkshire, you can contact her for a vegetarian catering service!

Isa Chandra

A musician, a photographer, a cook, and author of cookbooks. What else did Isa Chandra miss? Well, I think she has it all! She loves cooking, obviously, and she enjoys seeing people have a great time eating her recipes. She has written numerous cookbooks to share with the world her awesome taste!

She loves celebrating, and she likes celebrating with food! She specializes in vegan and vegetarian holiday recipes! Try out here holiday tofu ham, and you will know how refined her palate is!

Faring Well

Jessie Snyder started her blog just in 2016, but she has garnered audience awesomely quick! She has been won Save Ur Blog Awards as the Editor’s Choice Best New Voice. She is married to Scott, who happens to love food as much as her and supported her with her blog.

She is a vegetarian herself and swears by non-GMO and organic products. She can teach a few tricks about enjoying the process of cooking and savoring the plant-based food you eat! In all that she can, she aims to give her audience the easiest way to prepare her recipes.

Hot For Food Blog

This couple, Lauren and John, established this blog in 2014 and was an instant hit! Today, they have garnered over 300,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel! Well, that’s just awesome, and it speaks that they have a great reputation in the online community.

Lauren, herself, took about two months to transition from vegetarianism to a strict vegan. If you are on a transition and looking for some awesome recipes, you can learn a lot from this awesome couple! Oh, and there’s a bonus, you might also be interested in a wide selection of natural and organic beauty products!

Tinned Tomatoes

Jacqueline Meldrum, the proud owner of Tinned Tomatoes, is living a vegetarian life for over twenty years. Her love for food and sharing it with her friends and families inspired her to create a blog that would specialize in vegetarian and vegan recipes.To date, Tinned Tomatoes have more than 600 assorted vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Her recipes range from simple and delicious natural juices to some complicated and tasty lentil burgers! Go ahead and enjoy some great recipes!

My Vegan Journal

Jacki is a vegan, and she takes veganism to new heights! She was an instrument of Soda ban in California public schools! Yes, that’s tough! She is also a multi-awarded teacher in her field! She decided to make this blog to intensify her online presence.

For beginners, she expertly explains in her blog how huge your food selection becomes when you switch vegan! Most people think that going vegan limits you, but the irony is your food choices are multiplied to a hundred-fold! There is so much food omnivorous people have not taken into consideration!

The Compassionate Road

Gemma Davis, a vegan, and a yogi have found herself one in nature and aims to share her ways to compassionate people. Her generosity extends to her blog as she offers a 21-day guide on how to be mindful in your food choices and kitchen preparation.

Prepare to cook nutritious food made with a mindful choice of ingredients and love without feeling guilty about having to eat or consume any animal that once had breath in their lungs. If you want to follow her path, you can also visit her yoga page and lead a life towards enlightenment. She offers yoga classes too!

Rainbow Nourishments

From Australia, Anthea operates a vegan cake business and runs her blog from home. She believes that nourishment should be as colorful as the rainbow! She is a jolly person and loves to prepare raw vegan delicacies. You can find a huge list of raw vegan recipes on her site!

If you are looking for vegan desserts, her blog is the right place. You will be presented with numerous tasty deserts that are vegan safe! You would surely love to try her desserts!

Vegan Richa

Richa Hingle is a practicing chef and has been innovating recipes for years now. She had published two cookbooks and have maintained a vegan way of living. This blog gives out a large selection of vegan versions of regular food you can find every day.

Her vegan philosophy teaches us that switching vegan is not setting a limit but discovering the unexplored selection of whole and organic food. As a chef, she aims to combine nutrition and taste. Expect some tasty and healthy recipes from this blog!

Veggie Runners

You will not find running vegetables on this site! Instead, you will see a blog written by a mother and daughter tandem. Jayne and Bibi Rodgers are not your ordinary food lovers. They love to eat, and they love to exercise too. We are not talking of leisurely exercise; they do marathons!

They approach diet as it is closely related to fitness. If you are a fit nut too, you will find lots of calorie-packed vegan recipes that can fuel you through marathons!

The Full Helping

If you are at the beginning of your vegan journey, you will learn a lot from this site. Gena loves whole food and also advocates to inform others about the healthy choices they can make for a healthier and a life free of illnesses.

She has a comprehensive getting started page that intertwines nutrition, wellness, exercise, and healing through proper selection of food.Up in her sleeves are two cookbooks she had published in the recent years. To make things a lot easier for her followers, she has created a section on her page where patrons can avail some hard to find ingredients and cookware.

The Veg Space

Kate Ford (not the actress!), is the creator of The Veg Space. This is an exclusive vegan site where you can find a wide selection of recipes! Kate has been a vegan for over twenty years and won many competitions. She also authored a vegan cookbook that helps you cook vegan in 15 minutes!

Her site contains a huge variety of recipes from breakfast, juices, stews, and baking! If you are new to your vegan lifestyle, you will find some easy beginner recipes on her site. The instructions are clear and not complicated. Very easy to follow, especially for neophytes!

Keepin It Kind

Kristy and Chris decided they should make a difference in their life. This is why they have established this blog to show people that different does not have a negative notion. Living a vegan life simply means enjoying a guilt-free and exclusive way of managing food and food products.

Kristy learned her cooking from her grandma when she was young. She takes the opportunity to make the most out of the produce in season. Aside from being abundant and affordable during their season, the produce are at its tastiest too! And, oh! All her recipes in her blog are gluten free.


This blog’s name is a portmanteau of nutritious and deliciously! Lars and Alena aim to create nutrition-packed and delicious recipes exclusively from plant-based products!

Aside from their blog about vegan recipes, they also offer a free course that explains the importance and benefits of going vegan, what to eat and what not to eat, transition food, meal planning, FAQs, and they also give some tips in the end.If you want to try going vegan to shed some weight, they also have a premium program to assist you in the process!

Ordinary Vegan

A health and fitness advocate, Nancy Montuori, lives on a vegan diet exclusively. Her blog named ordinary vegan is too humble for what she offers on her page! Inspired by a tragic hospital experience during her youth which almost took her walking ability, she decided to overhaul her diet and physical activity.

She is a certified plant-based nutritionist at Cornell University. She aims to create food recipes that will enable people to live better lives, healthier lives, and a more spiritual life. Besides, spirituality is part of healthy living. For her, this is not optional, and we all should be mindful about it.

No Meat Athlete

For many fitness nuts and athletes out there, switching vegan almost equates to a difficult food selection in preparation for strenuous events. But No Meat Athlete can prove you wrong! In this blog, you will find out how people can run on plants alone.

Plants alone may seem like an impossible way to build, grow muscle, and gain strength. In this blog, everything you know about plant-based nutrition will be changed! This blog can help athletes and fitness nuts to create a meal plan that can sustain high caloric requirements even without meat!

Olives For Dinner

Olives for dinner is not a bad idea! Aside from suggesting olives for dinner, Erin made sophisticated recipes you may want to try! Her recipes are akin to fine dining restaurant recipes (or better!)! If you are tired of your normal dishes, she presents her recipes with intimate detail.

Aside from cooking great tasting vegan food, Erin also indulges herself of photography. You may even get a few photography tricks from her! The food photos on this page are just stunning!

Oh Lady Cakes

Ashlae is a lax person enjoying your everyday life humor. With her bubbly personality, she seems to see goodness even in the darkest situations! She is a vegan and likes cooking (obviously!). She loves dessert more than anything and admits she hates mushroom and eats them anyway!

She prefers to eat the produce in season to have the freshest and tastiest varieties every time she cooks. You will also find her travel journal on her blog and gives a food perspective in the different countries she had visited. This give her a diverse palate and a taste of the most awesome food varieties of the world!

Elegantly Vegan

Fact check, many people have found and prejudged veganism as something that is boring and far beyond what is defined tasty. Veronica, on the other hand, found veganism as the best and most colorful way to eat food. She found this out when she was thirteen and became a vegan.

In this blog, she shares her tasty recipes as she learned and enjoyed it around the world while she travels. She wants to make known to people the other food stuff that other countries offer. This will surely widen your selection too!

Vegan Yack Attack

Jackie wants to cover everything vegan from breakfast to dessert! Well, it can be a long way to ultimately fulfill every known recipe! Her sparkling character and her quirky style of cooking will give you a new perspective like the many colors of vegan food!

She makes sure that her recipes are not just awesomely tasty, but also healthy. She used to be omnivorous, eventually became vegetarian, and now a vegan. Yes people, not all of us are born vegan! In fact, I know many of us have started out with her! Discover how you can transition from your diet!

Rich Roll

Maybe you have already heard him speak in his podcast or if you are from Los Angeles, maybe you have seen him speak live (oh! I envy you!). This attorney turned to fitness foodie dedicates his life to his family now and the importance of fitness. Being a vegan is not just a diet, it’s a way of living.

In this page, you will see how Rich infused veganism in his life and his family. Find out how plants can fuel marathons and make you a better and mindful person by following his blog!

Vegan Miam

If you are fond of fermented veggies, this is the right place for you. Rika’s Asian background makes her a credible source of a huge selection of tasty pickled veggie! She takes pride in the art of fermentation to bring healthy and nutritious food packed with prebiotics!

Aside from expertise in fermented food, she also loves soups and brothy dishes. If you are in need of a warm bowl of soup on a gloomy day, you can find something vegan that will pick you up on her page!

Unconventional Baker

Audrey welcomes us to the wonderful world of vegan baking. She practices gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free, and refined-sugar free baking. A quick visit to her site will surely make your mouth water. The presentation of her recipes is astounding!

Because of her allergies, she was inspired to create this site to provide other people who are suffering the same to enjoy delicious treats too! Sign up for her free newsletter to receive regular updates and inspiration from Audrey.

Happy Hearted Kitchen

Jodi is a nature lover. She loves spending time outside her house and connecting with mother earth. She considers veganism as part of being in tune with nature and what it has to offer. This blog centers on Jodi and her husband’s journey as they share their love for food and the mountains to their followers.

Her site offers a large selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes. If you happen to live within her vicinity, Quebec, you can ring her and ask her for her catering services! She makes every meal in the kitchen with a happy heart.

Blissful Basil

Ashley makes sure that she can give her readers a taste of what she writes! That’s right! She photographs her food subject in great detail and describes them on a point that you can almost get a taste of it! She is a brilliant photographer that will surely make you drool!

She has authored many cookbooks and take she is fond of making a vegan version of popular recipes! In your transition period, her recipes can be an awesome meal to break your old-time cravings! Try some and enjoy a healthier version of what you used to eat!

The Colorful Kitchen

If you think your kitchen lacks color, ask Ilene how to revive them! She is a vegan and most of all, she loves baking! If you want to explore the complexities (and precision!) of baking, you will surely learn a lot from her!

Aside from authoring cookbooks and creating recipes for her blog, Ilene is also a certified health coach. Yes, you can consult her and get help to have a custom-tailored meal plan just right for you! Not sure if you need a meal plan? Good thing she offers a free two-day meal plan to get you started!

Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen

Preparing food and eating is not just a physiological need. Being mindful about how our food got on the table should be part of our conscience as we enjoy sumptuous meals with our family and friends. For Trinity, cooking should be a conscious practice, and people should be really aware of the things around.

Her recipes teach how to mindfully choose and prepare every meal of the day. She has written and compiled her recipes in two cookbooks which you can avail at her website. If you are looking for some catering services for some serene activities, she would be glad to accommodate you!

Simple Vegan Blog

Do you love curries? Well, Iosune and Alberto have some awesome curry recipes you can try on their page! They have also made some mayonnaise alternative and cheese alternative especially if you have not yet embraced veganism at its finest.

You can also take a look at their e-books and recreate their favorite recipes! Aside from their travel escapades and gastronomic adventures, they also want other people to learn what they do, blogging. In this page, you can also find a simple way to start up your blog!

Lauren Caris Cooks

Lauren Caris started her blog some two years ago. She started out as a vegetarian and went full vegan a year and a half later. This is a huge decision for her, and she did a thorough research before going all out. Like most of us, she began with a struggle and embraced the ideals of healthy vegan living soon after.

She is originally from London and moved to Switzerland. This move has drastically affected her recipes! It seems like the place she moved to does not offer the same diversity in the grocery as where she used to be. This forced her use and eventually enjoy what produce and fruit are in season.In this blog, she shares wisdom on how to prepare and make the most out of fruits and veggies in season!

This Rawsome Vegan Life

Raw and awesome. These are the two words that perfectly defines what you can find on this page. Who could have imagined that raw can be awesome? Well, in a vegan point of view, this is fantastic!

Em takes veganism seriously. She makes sure that what she eats is not just nutritious and tasty, she also see to it that it is pleasing to the eyes and the other senses as well. For her, eating is not just filling the stomach. It has to be and art, a delicious form of art! Find out how you can make food look more appetizing!

I Love Vegan

Looking for healthy recipes? Brittany and William grew tired of eating unhealthy food and decided to make a difference. Having experienced the great things about veganism, they have decided that the world should have a taste of it. That is how I Love Vegan went to life.

There are a lot of recipes you can find on this page. If you have allergies, you will find this page beyond your expectations. They have a special list of recipes created to avoid allergies.

Vegie Head

Married to a meat lover, Adele has been criticized by many of her fellow vegans. But this did not make her falter. She endured and made her blog known to the world. She is compassionate and takes veganism as a choice and people should not force it upon you. Where is compassion in hate?

Adele is also a food coach based in Melbourne and caters many people who desire to switch to a plant-based diet. In her page, you will see lots of friendly recipes for beginners. Another thing she would teach you is compassion. We shouldn’t hate meat eaters. They don’t understand it yet!

An Unrefined Vegan

Annie’s take on veganism is a bit different from most. For her, should be unprocessed and organic. Food nurtured free of cruelty is the core of what she believes on. She used to be an office lady traveling different countries across the globe for her responsibilities.

But today, Annie and her husband chose the peaceful confines of Oklahoma to live a healthy and prosperous life. Don’t be surprised to see some recipes that you would be able to grow in a jar!

Your Daily Vegan

Your Daily Vegan have been in existence for eight years now. KD is the goat portrayed in her logo. Rest assured that she doesn’t eat goats! She loves animals too much to eat them. Her site gives a great guide for beginners on how to practice mindful veganism.

Taking our animal and animal product in your diet is not impossible. It takes some time and practice to do so, but nevertheless, it is physically possible to live on plants alone. Read this page and soak yourself up with pro tips that will make vegan cooking and shopping easier!

One Arab Vegan

Nada is not just a beautiful face. She is a wonderful cook (an aspiring chef), an animal lover, and a fitness aficionado. She had known veganism during her time in the UK where she spent her college days. Her love for the healthy way led her to write this blog and share the wonderful benefits of turning vegan.

In this page, she shares how she struggled (like most of us) with weight management and found her refuge in veganism. It started with losing some weight and ended up with living a healthy life. Veganism had transformed Nada’s way of living. Find out how you can do it too!

Vegan Lovlie

Many people regard bitter as something distasteful. But when you go vegan, you will soon appreciate the complex taste of different vegetables (raw and cooked!). Personally, I can’t get enough of Teenuja’s stuffed bitter melon recipe! You must try it!

Aside from Teenuja and Kevin’s regular blog posts, you will also find informative videos that are easy to follow at home! This way you can recreate the exact recipe Teenuja makes in her kitchen! Subscribe to their page to get regular free newsletters and updates!

JL Goes Vegan

JL Goes Vegan is one of the most established and most informative sites you can go to for a quick and easy recipe. She advocates cooking plant-based whole food for every meal. Her vegan lifestyle inspired many people to live a better life.

Follow her podcast to absorb how vegan living can benefit you in the long run. Find out in her blog how she lives a happy life! She also offers coaching services, meal planning, and regularly hold vegan cooking classes. Take home some of her books and start living vegan!

Kris Carr

Veganism is not just a way to eat food! You will find Kris adorable as she veganism as a way to live rather than a way to eat. Her site features the other aspects of veganism aside from the recipes she regularly posts. Kris also shows us how to make ourselves beautiful and from the inside and out!

Veganism is taking care of yourself. She points out that eating is the beginning and an overall healthy life will be the result. It goes beyond physiology as vegan virtues change the mind too. Cook and eat to your soul’s contentment.

The Kind Life

This blog started out as a response to Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet. Her popularity as an actress made her page an instant hit! The book offers people a healthy way to lose weight through veganism. And oh, aside from losing weight, you spare innocent animal lives too!

Alicia vows to live a kind life. Her way of living inspired her to write two more books after The Kind Diet. For mommies out there, you will find a huge chunk of helpful resources from this page! If you can’t get enough, her third book is a recipe exclusive book filled with awesome recipes!

Green Evi

Evi wants to make thing simple in the kitchen. You will find her recipes easy to recreate and comprise of a few handful of easy to find ingredients. She lives in Germany and spends many hours in the kitchen so that she could have some innovation for her audience!

She loves avocado and can’t get enough of it! If you are a fan of avocado too, you can recreate Evi’s favorite recipe in your kitchen too!

Delightful Vegans

It seems like veganism and traveling is a thing among bloggers! Josh and Kacie travel the world while unraveling each countries’ vegan potential. They enlisted a large selection of recipes on their site that ranges from easy to difficult.

Depending on how experienced you are, you can find a recipe just right for you. If you are up to the challenge of making yourself better, you can progressively challenge yourself with their recipes! Don’t be surprised if you find sesame and ginger on most of the recipes! Kacie can’t get enough of them!

Namely Marly

For a different breath of air, try Namely Marly. The relaxing vibe their page gives is a product of a family oriented blog. Yes, this is a blog of a husband, wife, and daughter! They take up the top positions in their own little company as Marly has had a terrible experience with the corporate world.

They are not exclusive vegans but have embraced the nutritional benefits of vegan recipes. If you are having trouble in finding what you should eat while transitioning to veganism, browse their page and find some simple and tasty recipes!

Wall Flower Kitchen

Aimee Ryan is more than just a pretty wallflower. She made her online presence felt in 2012 and started writing about vegetarian recipes. To date, she had embraced the vegan way. But you will still find her old vegetarian recipe posts on her site.

She loves carrot cake and has a recipe posted on her site! If you need further instructions, you can follow her Youtube channel for a more detailed procedure!

My Goodness Kitchen

Forgetful Amanda writes every idea she gets in the kitchen so that she would not forget it and be able to share it with you! She lives in Victoria, Australia surrounded by a wine-makers’ community. Isn’t that a perfect place to raise a family in peace?

Behind her is a small girl she refers to as her elf, a loving husband, and a loyal canine. The inspiring air in this community brought her to marvelous recipes that she is able to post regularly on her blog. Read on and find out a relaxed and family-oriented blog.


This amazing duo has redefined what it means to be vegan! You will find awesome recipes of your ordinary everyday food turned spectacular! Their keen eye for presentation adds up to the appeal of their page that will surely captivate the attention of viewers!

Follow their page and get regular updates from their blog! Check out the awesome appetizers they take pride on. Their vegan version of pigs in a blanket will surely be a hit!

Cocoon Cooks

From Portugal, Rita and Andre host this blog and regularly updates their audience with delicious plant-based recipes. Their inspiration comes from a tragic family experience which they believe is preventable through a healthy way of living.

They started this blog to share what they know about healthy vegan lifestyle and how you can be one with them too! Going vegan is not just about food selection modification! It’s a healthy and mindful lifestyle!


Kim is afflicted with an awesome obsession, cooking! Kim loves cooking so much she could spend hours in the kitchen without talking to anyone and maintain her sanity! The good thing is, she is able to channel and document her obsession onto this blog!

With her supportive partner, Carlos, they created this blog to share what enjoy the most. Cooking and eating! They also have a podcast where you can listen to their documented journey. Feel free to enjoy free online courses as you browse and follow their page!

Final Words

Isn’t it amazing to find out that there are a huge number of people out there with generous hearts sharing nutritious and healthy recipes? Well, thanks to them, turning vegan is not as hard as it was before. Many blogs offer some form of guide to lead starters to the vegan way without struggling too much!

This is a kind of a proof of how veganism changes not only the physical bodies but also the mental state of being. Veganism turns and brings out the best in every one of us!

For beginners, switching vegan doesn’t mean that you will have a limited selection of delicious food. Veganism doesn’t mean that you will not be deprived. The general population may think so, but once they open their eyes, they will see how large the food selection could be!

I hope you find the recipe you are looking for! I’m sure, aside from what you are looking for, you would discover other great stuff in this list! Find this entertaining? Feel free to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you soon. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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