Can Blender Puree Meat?

Puree of soft fruits or vegetables is an easy task, but do you think pureeing meat while you don’t have any food processor at your home? First of all, you don’t need any fancy complex devices to make puree meat, if you have a blender.

Using a blender to puree meat is not a big deal, rather it can be the easiest and effective alternative to the food processor. It can make puree meat with the perfect consistency for both children or older adults.

Choose a high quality blender with additional parts that are replaceable. You require a blender which will help you to puree any kind of meats, soup or sauces. Thus you can easily do everything using the blender.

Can Blender Puree Meat?

Many think that a food processor or grinder is the only way to make puree meat. But the real thing is you can make puree meat using a blender too. In a grinder you’ll get consistent texture and in the food processor the meat pieces will stick with the blender.

However, the blender will be the easiest way to make puree meat. Though there are various types of brands available, the pain purpose is to turn solid food into a puree. The best blender for pureeing meat has both the power as well as a blender blade.

Using a blender is the most perfect way to make a puree of meat. Rather than using other complex machines you can simply use a blender. Before starting your pureeing make sure that you check the volume and the meat type.

First check how powerful the blender is? After that check how sharp the blenders’ blends are? While you’re going to puree meat make sure that the blades are sharpened enough, or they are new.

Don’t choose a cheap department store blender. Because they won’t handle more than six to eight ounces of meat at a given time. Though they cost low, they will provide basic and low motor power.

According to their model and bled sharpness they will allow poor services. If you use a top blender and suddenly the motor faces any resistance, it will offer additional power. Thus your blender will offer consistency.

How To Puree Meat?

To get smooth and silky texture of puree meat you have to follow some tricks. Here are some basic need you have to follow-

●      Prepare the Meat

First select the most tender cut of the meat, because the more tender the meat the smoother the puree will be. Try to choose something like sirloin. Make sure that there are no tiny parts of the bones mixed in the puree meat.

Now cook the meat slowly which will help the meat retain flavor together with moisture. Cooking slowly the meat will end up with the best texture. You can also use some other methods like braising, using a slow cooker or boiling them.

After cooking the meat, slowly chill it completely. You can also chill it for two hours in the fridge. For starting the process you have to chill the meat thoroughly as the blender will easily puree it with fine pieces.

Now remove the meat piece from the fridge and chop it into 1 inch pieces. This type of small pieces will fit in your blender easily to puree the meat. 

●      Puree the Meat

Now put a cup of meat in your blender, and run it until the meat become powdery. Run the blender until the meat pieces are very fine, which will be almost like the sand.

As you want puree meat add some water to loosen it up. For one cup of meat you have to add ¼ cup of liquid. You can use water or sodium-free meat broth to the meat. Or even you can use cooking liquid which is reserved from cooking the meat.

Things To Focus On While Making Meat Puree?

Older adult people also can eat puree meat, but they need to focus on something. Here are some of them-

You must ensure that the meat has been cut or ground into tiny bits. In addition, as an older adult, you must use greater caution when preparing meals. If you think you need more taste, a small bit of sauce or gravy can be added.

After that, pick the blender and add some of the tiny, powdered pieces of meat to it. Make your choices and hold them for a time. To get the correct textures, add additional water. Make sure the purees are completely smooth and free of lumps.

To enhance the taste and flavor, prepare oatmeal, casseroles, chicken salad, including ham salad with a special sauce, stews, soups, and so on. Then puree them.

When cooking purees for older persons, it’s best not to use too many spices or cheese. Instead, ask them what flavor they prefer and, particularly if the older adult is sick, seek advice from a doctor or an expert.

What Kind Of Meat You Can Puree With A Blender?

Using a blender you can simply puree any kind of meat. However you have to remember to boil or maintain the meat with the proper temperature. Here we’ve given a small description about the temperatures which you have to use to make purees.

If you want to puree chicken meat then use 165° Fahrenheit, for beef and mutton you need 145° Fahrenheit. While pureeing pork use 160° Fahrenheit.

Wrapping Up

It is really wonderful how you use a blender as a meat grinder. This is the best kitchen appliance that you never thought to use as pureeing meat. But once you start to use your blender like this it’ll be out every day.

Though processed and packaged meat has so many downsides, many people prefer to eat them. A blender that works like a food processor and grinder can add a huge amount of nutrition to your diet chart. Choose those blenders that have various functions to match your needs.

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