How to Get Rid of Sour Burps

When you burp, you are expelling gas from your body using your mouth as a gateway, and this is a natural process that is not necessarily alarming. However, when it becomes recurrent, smelly and stinky like rotten egg or sulfur, it might require some attention.

It is easy to fall prey to smelly burp syndrome which often occurs when you eat a particular kind of food or is triggered by some intestinal reaction. Many people are not quick to pick up what is wrong when they sense a foul smell, but careful observation will tell if it is just a routine occurrence or a symptom of something grave. In this article, you’ll learn how to combat this condition and how to get rid of sour burps.

The Common Causes

Sour burps can have many common causes, and shouldn’t worry you too much unless other symptoms begin to persist. Common causes of sour burps include:

1. Sulfur-Rich Foods

Sour burps can result when you consume foods on a daily basis which contains high sulfur content. Having food contents with high-sulfur content can arise from the drinks you gulp which contain high sugar levels as well as devouring large amounts of meals at a time.

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2. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is common for women to burp more frequently compared with other individuals even when they eat similar meals.

3. Lifestyle Choices

Occasionally, sour burps can be attributed to poor lifestyle choices and habits which can be remedied when you take steps to alter these behavioral triggers.

4. Usage of Drugs Not prescribed

Using open market drugs and herbal remedies without prescription can also be a trigger for such conditions.

5. Gastrointestinal Diseases

H. pylori infection and Giardiasis are two of the most common gastrointestinal diseases that also give rise to sour burps. A parasite identified as Giardia lamblia is responsible for Giardiasis, and it is common across the globe. It is triggered by poor sanitary habits and wherever there has been a case of fecal pollution of the environment.

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When gastrointestinal diseases are prevalent, they are spread by food and water-borne transmission as water supply gets easily contaminated. When people prepare their foods in such environment, contamination cannot be avoided, and this heightens the probability of spreading the infection.

When H. pylori infection triggers gastrointestinal diseases, it will result in severe cases of stomach ulcer if not quickly detected and appropriately treated. Some common symptoms are flatus, diarrhea, and epigastric burning. When gastrointestinal diseases become chronic, loose stools and smelly burps easily result and are prevalent.

6.Lactose Digestion Deficiency

Foods that are rich in protein or with high sulfur content have the propensity to produce smelly outcomes if undigested. Anyone with lactose digestion deficiency will likely suffer from smelly and foul burps. Foods in this class ferment slowly and will end up producing hydrogen sulfide gas that precipitates foul smells.

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7. Alcohol and Beverage Excesses

Consuming excess alcohol and other alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer beyond moderation can give rise to foul smells as a result of their acidic reaction.

8. Medications

There are some medicines that are high in sulfur content, and their aftertaste can lead to foul burps and a sour taste in your mouth.

How to Getting Rid of Sour Burps

Remedies for sour burps are just as simple as the culprit. Below, you’ll find a few natural remedies to rid your body of sour burps.

1. Apple Cider

A teaspoon measure of apple cider with vinegar is a treasured remedy. Mixed in a glass of measured water, it should be taken once a week.

2. Warm Water

One teaspoon serving of lemon juice should be mixed with warm water along with a teaspoon serving of honey. A tip of turmeric powder should be added to this mixture before drinking.

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3. Make Dietary Changes

When faced with smelling burps, dairy products and milk, pink beans, cabbage, soybeans, sprouts, spices, etc., should be avoided.

4. Cook Your Beans Differently

Beans have soluble carbohydrate content which makes it easy for gas production and fermentation processes to take place. When you soak beans for some hours, this soluble, carbohydrate gets eliminated.

5. Eat smaller Food Portions

Regularly eating small meals will cut down on the release of huge bile to digest huge ounces of food at a time. When bile is released in huge quantities, it might result to foul smells.

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6. Chew Well as You Eat

When eating, learn to chew food properly before swallowing so that it can get easily digested to avoid fermentation and production of gas.

7. Coconut and Olive Oil Usage

When you use olive and coconut oil for meal preparation, there is a better chance of a reduction in stinky burps and foul smell.

8.Avoid Canned Foods

Consuming canned foods is a habit that derives from hectic schedules in daily life as people become busier with work and living routines. Canned foods are quick to have, but they bring along some negatives. They impact your digestive system adversely and should be replaced with an afresh supply of fruits and vegetables to rid your body of smelly burps.

9. Avoid Alcohol

Get used to moderate or no use of alcohol as it is one of the leading causes of sour burps. The excessive use of alcohol is another reason for sulfur burps. When you practice healthy living, you will rid your tracts of sour burps.

10. Use Cider/Vinegar

Using cider vinegar as a sour burp remedy will be effective if you limit its use. The less frequent you use it, the more efficient this treatment will be. Use once a week for this mix to work as recommended to correct the condition.

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A teaspoon measure of vinegar mixed with warm water will calm your tracts and eliminate the burps.


Getting rid of sour burps is possible with the remedies so outlined, but it must not be forgotten that lifestyle changes can be instrumental to the long-lasting elimination of foul sour burps. Replacing cooking routines for your beans with the recommended approach or deciding on the use of coconut and olive oil when cooking are easy routines to adapt to if you desire better outcomes.

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