Some Secrets Telling You The Way How To Start a Ninja Blender Properly

Do you wish to use an efficient and high-power Ninja blender that lets you make your mouth-watering morning juice, a nutritious smoothie after your workout, or delicious party dips in a short time?

There is no doubt that Ninja blenders have gained popularity on the market. The reason why so many customers like ninja blenders is that they are incredibly powerful, durable, lightweight, and versatile.

If you have just bought a Ninja blender for your kitchen space, then the next task is turning on the blender. The way how to start a Ninja blender seems unfamiliar to most users. In this post BlenderCommand would like to give you step- by- step tips to operate it properly without any guesswork.

1. How to start a Ninja blender?

Step 1: Read manual instructions carefully

Upon having unboxed a Ninja blender, the first thing you need to do is read the manufacturer’s instructions. For this reason, not only will you learn how to start the blender correctly but also you will learn other ultimate product-related information such as how to utilize a blender, how to disassemble for cleanout, and much more substantially more.

Step 2: Follow instructions for assembly

Start by assembling your own Ninja blender step by step. Whether you are using a tall pitcher that suits with the Ninja Professional Blender or the small single-serving cup, you need to assemble all the components in the correct order.

●      Pitcher

Remember that the blender will not operate if the pitcher has not been attached properly.

First, the stacked blade is placed assembly on the gear inside the pitcher.

Then, the pitcher is rotated clockwise. You should log in the following link when you do this:

●      Single-serve cup

Blade assembly seems slightly easier with the Ninja single-serve cup.

The extractor blades are simply rested on the cup then aligning them with the              opening, and screwing them on tight. Don’t forget that the cup should be completely sealed.

In some cases, your own Ninja blender will only start if the blades are correctly aligned. Most Ninja blenders have a red light that shows if the blade is properly assembled or not. If the red light flashes, simply check your blade assembly again.

Step 3: Plug in the Ninja blender on the socket

Obviously, you realize that  your Ninja blender will not operate if it has not been associated with a force attachment. Once you have assembled it properly, the next step is plugging it into a wall socket close to your kitchen.

Make sure that the attachment holds solidly into the attachment.

Step 4: Open the lid and add your ingredients

Ninja blenders are well designed with a rectangle button on the top of the lid so that you can press it to open the lid.

Once the lid is opened, simply add your favorite ingredients you wish to blend. More importantly, Ninja blenders have gained popularity in the competence to blend frozen ingredients as well as icy cubes in a short time.

With the aid of this Ninja blender, you can easily create any combination of ingredients for a mouth-watering smoothie. Because of the powerful nature of Ninja blenders, there is no need for you to shop ingredients into smaller pieces. Once you finish adding your ingredients, please close the lid  before you choose an appropriate setting.

Step 5: Select the correct sitting

As far as we know, Ninja blenders have various settings. Please choose a setting that gives you the most effective outcome you are looking for.

For example, if you want to process or chop your frozen ingredients or icy cubes, please choose the pulse setting or speed 1, 2, or 3.

Most Ninja blenders are versatile and equipped with an auto-iQ technology helping you blend ingredients with high precision in order that you can feel satisfied with the thickness and consistency of your ingredients under no circumstances.


Why doesn’t my Ninja blender work?

In case your own Ninja blender has proper power and the lid is ultimately secured in place, the issue may be that some components are not placed correctly. As long as we have pointed out earlier in this section, the lid and the pitcher must be in proper positions.

Please take a look at your owner’s manual for the proper assembly.

How do I fix a blender that won’t turn on?

Try repairing your own blender yourself, saving you on time and the expense of having it replaced or serviced. In this case, please check the motor base, fuse, and power cord.

Read our troubleshooting guide for tips on how to start your Ninja blender, and keep reading for easy-to-follow instructions for perfect assembly. Your owner’s manual will have more specific instructions for your model under no circumstances.

Why does my Ninja blender light appear red?

In this case, you may deal with an issue if the lid is not locked down in the correct position. Simultaneously, the power button will flash red and will not start. The lids need locking by moving the handle on the lid in the down position and correctly locked.

Another issue could be that the pitcher of the Ninja blender is not properly fitted with its base. Provided that you find that it seems hard to rotate the pitcher or put it in the locked position, then it is not properly on the mixer. Ideally, the Ninja pitcher should be able to rotate on the base if it is placed correctly.

3. Wrap-up

In conclusion, the way how to start a Ninja blender is not difficult as many people used to think. You must follow some simple steps, as carefully consider this article step by step.

Last but not the least, remember to wash your Ninja blender once you are done blending for long-term maintenance.

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