Is Manuka Honey One Of The Best Organic Skincare Ingredient?

You must have applied chemicals on your skin to get rid of freckles, pigmentations, dark spots and acne. But nothing went well and effective. Have you tried organic skin care routine? Do you know?  You can get rid of your skin problem by just one ingredient that is Manuka Honey. It’s totally natural ingredient and pack with a lot of essential proteins. 

Manuka honey is your skin’s best friend. It can improve your skin appearance. It balances your PH, removes dead skin cells and removes acne. It contains antioxidative, antimicrobial and anti – inflammatory properties.

You put honey in coffee or tea. Now try to use it for your skin and see benefits by yourself. This article will guide you about how manuka honey is one of the best organic skincare ingredients.

Contains Antibacterial Properties:

Manuka honey gives your skin protection against bacteria because of its antibacterial properties. It reduces acne, white heads and black heads.

Honey, A Good Moisturizer!

Manuka honey is a natural moisturizer of your skin. If you wash your face with manuka honey every morning it keeps your skin moisturize throughout the day.

Reduces Inflammation:

It is ideal for irritated skin. It gives you soothing and gentle texture to your skin.

Gives Glow:

The proteins present in manuka honey provides skin baby soft and glowing.


Manuka honey contains hydrating properties and can be used as anti-aging product on your skin.

How To Use Manuka Honey At Home?

It’s a beauty ingredient and you can use it on your skin at home.

DIY Face Mask:

Add one tablespoon of manuka honey with half teaspoon of alovera gel in a bowl. Add any of your favorite essential oil (optional). Mix it well.

Cleanse your face before applying this mask. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash it off. You don’t even need to apply moisturizer after this mask.

DIY Face Wash:

Mix one table spoon of manuka honey mix it with few drops of rose water. Massage it onto your face in a circular direction. Wash it off and pat dry.

Acne Treatment:

You can apply small amount of manuka honey directly on acne of small cuts. This will heal your cuts and remove acne.

Apart from applying manuka honey on your skin as DIY product, you can drink it in lukewarm water daily in morning. Just add one teaspoon of manuka honey in warm water. Add few drops of lemon in it and drink it before taking any meal in the morning. In few days you will start seeing its benefits.

Honey in warm water can reduces your weight and gives your skin glow and shine. It also keeps your body hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

If you really want to get benefit from manuka honey, you should be regular in using it for the treatment. It might take longer but you have to be patient. You will stop using chemical products and your skin will thank you.

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