Grinding the Pulp Properly: The Best Masticating Juicer

If you’re in search of the best juicer in general, you’ll find a lot of options, however, if you’re searching for the best masticating juicer, we’ve got critical details for you. Let us preface this by stating that there are two types of juicers: centrifugal and masticating. In this article, you’ll learn why a masticating juicer reigns supreme.

The Different Types of Juicers

As mentioned, the two different types of juicers are centrifugal and masticating. Their differences lie in the way they operate and produce the finished product. Their method of operation deals with the pulp of juice a little differently.

For centrifugal, this means that the pulp is being beaten through outward force, rather than masticating, where the pulp is being kneaded out. Masticating juicers use no spinning whatsoever and are done at a lower speed than centrifugal.

Masticating juicers are considered “higher-end” as they get the job done better and are more durable than the typical centrifugal operation juicer. Any advertisement you typically see in the media on juicers is usually a centrifugal juicer. They are cheaper to make, but don’t do the job as well or as long as the best masticating juicer!

Why Masticating is Better than Centrifugal

Masticating juicers have been proven better through their percentage of successfully juiced products. The reason why masticating juicers are higher end and are better in comparison to centrifugal is that of their high juice content. Their high juice yield has their speed to thank. Because they juice at a lower speed, they can take more time to squeeze the juice out, whereas centrifugal is considered a “rush job.”

A masticating juicer’s kneading pulp style eliminates the room for oxidization, which means that the juicer won’t leave you with massive amounts of undrinkable foam like a centrifugal will. Now, it is quick and easy to create your own drink recipes with the masticating juicer for example making fruit detox tea, or summer tropical juices. Other advantages of choosing a masticating over a centrifugal include:

The production of drier pulp

​When you juice vegetable and fruit like cabbage, beet, orange… with a masticating juicer, it will produce the super dry leftover pulp thanks to its slow speed. Because of this, you don’t need to feel guilty when throwing the pulp away

This extraction output allows you to receive more of the nutrients from the food you’re supplying the juicer. Because a centrifugal one goes too fast, it doesn’t take the time it needs to properly juice and extract nutrients, while minimizing oxidation.

They come with longer warranties

In return for higher guarantees, masticating juicers last longer because they’re more high-end and built to last. Centrifugal juicers are a dime a dozen and don’t last nearly as long. You get what you pay for in the world of juicers.

Fruits and Vegetables aren’t the only foods you can use

Masticating juicers can also take on sauces, pasta, ice cream, sorbet, types of nut butter, and much more.

How to Choose the Best Masticating Juicer

Before you purchase a juicer and decide to make the jump to a masticating one, there are some questions you should ask yourself beforehand. Knowing before finding will allow you to pinpoint your dream juicer quickly. These questions may include:

  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • Do I have time for a lot of clean-up?
  • Do I have enough space on my counter?
  • How much will I be using a juicer?

Knowing the last question will help you answer the first, and knowing what you’re going to make most days can answer the second. Having preconceived thoughts in your hand on what you’re looking for in a juicer will disable you from becoming overwhelmed quickly.

We can help you answer the first question right off the bat. If you want something reliable for your everyday dietary needs, you’ll want to spend a little more for masticating. We suggest this simply because you’ll receive more nutrients from the masticating, and with little foam.

As for counter space, look at all of the other appliances you have taking up space. Do some of these appliances mimic what a masticating juicer does? Can you store away some of the appliances because you won’t have a need for other types of breakfasts in the morning?

If you want to get more protein while juicing, you can add more protein-rich veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, corn… to make a total veggie protein shake , or just simple put some protein powder on your juice. A masticating juicer is an excellent way to create a quick, easy, and nutritional breakfast. Storing away that toaster may be a smart move to make room!

Reviewing the Five Best Masticating Juicer on the Market

1.The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer


The Omega J8006 dream juicer has a unique, yet compact design to promote ease of use. Available in a large variety of colors to match your home’s décor, the Omega also comes with a quick detach method for optimal storing.


​The Omega poses many advantages including being able to turn nuts into nut butter, which is an all-natural version of creamy peanut butter. This machine can also puree food for babies, create soy milk, pasta extrusion, coffee grinding, spice grinding, and plenty more.

The plastic used to create the GE Ultem Auger is the most durable plastic on the market, allowing for eight times the strength in comparison with standard plastic used.

For those who don’t want a loud kitchen, this model was designed to be quieter than many while improving the longevity. Other juicers are guilty of separation and degradation, while you can store juice from this juicer for three days without either occurring.

Wheatgrass, spinach, cabbage, and kale can be juiced with this juicer, even though they’re practically juiceless in comparison with “meaty” fruits and veggies.

Finally, this juicer is capable of producing even more juice based on their dual stages. The first stage juices are standard, while the second stage takes the pulp and kneads it for another round. Doing so results in more juice.

​One of the only disadvantages you may find with this product is that the design doesn’t work for all counters. If you don’t have much counter space to spare, this horizontally challenged device may take up too much. Even though the price is perfect for what it does, this price doesn’t expand your counter or give you an island to work with.

A not-so-common, but apparent problem with this juicer is the fact that I can break easily. Inner components crack easily, and there is a poor customer service line that will help you deal with this.


  • Can juice anything
  • Quiet model, long lifespan
  • A reduction in separation and degradation
  • Colorful design choices


  • Poor customer service when unit is broken
  • Model design doesn’t work with all kitchens

2.The Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor


Hamilton Beach is quite the familiar name in kitchen appliances in general, and they’ve made their way into the world of juicing. This somewhat bulky, but vertically pleasing juicer is optimal for most kitchen countertops and poses many benefits to its use. However, things aren’t all sunshine and roses.


Many competitor models don’t promise dishwasher safe components, but this masticating model is one that does! Speaking of parts, there is an extra pulp bin within this device that allows you to juice for extended periods of time while being able to collect the pulp for other recipes. Instead of just settling for a drink, you can create a meal!

The powerful 800-watt motor will ensure that your produce is being kneaded to the fullest extent, which promises 24% more juice than regular masticating juicers!

Pushing food through too quickly will result in a lesser amount of juice, and potential breaking the motor. This method of use is the primary cause for this model breaking but isn’t stated as a concern in any manual or description.


  • Produces 24% more juice than competitors
  • Can fit whole foods
  • 800-watt motor
  • Extra pulp bin
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • “Frustration-free” packaging option


  • You can’t push food through too fast
  • Doesn’t last as long as other models
  • Strainer can melt from high-power motor

3.The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus


A more compact juicer with a basic color scheme, the Breville model is a highly praised juicer fountain. Perfect for newcomers to the world of juicing, this dual-speed machine is a top contender.


The patented, extra-wide chute on this device is a whopping 3 inches wide; much larger than competitor models. A chute of this size allows you to put more abundant fruits and vegetables like apples without even cutting them! As for the direct central feeding system, this system increases the amount of juice you receive from the process.

Much larger than many masticating models on the market, a 1-liter juice jug can fit quite a bit for those who have multiple people drinking in the morning. As for the dual speed motor, the slower speed is optimal for softer veggies and fruits, while the high-speed option is fantastic for harder fruits and vegetables. Having two differentiating speeds allow the precise production of juice.

The precise juice production allows the lifespan of the machine to last longer, as it isn’t being overworked for a soft textured vegetable or fruit, and isn’t being underworked and overheated with harder textured produce.

Unfortunately, a common issue with this product is that it does waste a lot of the product. Since it sometimes doesn’t juice as much, you’ll be wasting food that could have been juiced.

With the pulp being moister, it becomes stuck to the juicer’s top. If you don’t take apart some of the machines to gather the pulp, you’ll be left without as much juice, and you’ll waste more product.​


  • Patented extra-wide chute
  • Direct central feeding system
  • 1-liter juice jug
  • 850-watt motor, dual speed for different textures


  • Wastes a lot of product
  • Pulp is moister

4.The Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27)


The Original Healthy multi-purpose juicer has a slightly different design than those above, allows the device to clamp on the side of the countertop. One of the cheapest on the market for juicers, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of why below.


Since the Original Healthy has been designed by those who juice, you’re receiving a product that’s going to work for exactly what you need it to do. You’re not receiving a product from a clueless company who’s just looking to make bank off of your vulnerability.

One of the primary selling points of this product is the minimal cleanup, being timed at 30 seconds, as there are only three parts that need cleaning. There is also no internal screen for scrubbing, minimizing the cleanup time even further.

As for multipurpose juicing, this statement goes above and beyond competitor’s versatile juicing. This product can juice kale, spinach, collard greens, parsley, chard, wheatgrass, lettuce, and even carrots.


The creators of this product recommend that you do not use this product solely for carrot juicing. If this is what you planned for this inexpensive juicer, you may have to search elsewhere.

As mentioned in another masticating juicer review above, auger makes a difference, as it shows its durability. Not as strong as those above, the auger is quite cheap and cracks easily.

If you have small countertops with small lips on the edge, you’ll have to use this on a table of some sort. One major con that juicers don’t care for is that it’s manual. While it says it in the description, juicers aren’t a fan of the hand crank.


  • Multipurpose juicing
  • 30-second cleanup
  • Developed by people who are juicers
  • No internal screen for scrubbing


  • Not solely for carrot juicing
  • Plastic auger isn’t as strong as other models, cheap
  • Not for kitchen countertops with small lips
  • Manual operation, not electric

5. The Champion Juicer G5-PG710


One of the only juicers that promise heavy-duty usage, the power of this masticating juicer is measured through horsepower. With a similar design to our first review, this model isn’t as bulky and may better suit your power needs.


This device is powerful at 1725 RPM, but the number may not be what it seems. As for the horsepower behind the machine, it makes up for the little motor wattage. The homogenizer is a nice touch, as not many other models have this, and it can create fruit sauces, purees food, sorbets, sherbets, veggies loaves, and more.

Despite other models having a lower rotation per minute count, their motor wattage is much higher. Although it does have quite a bit of power behind it, it’s not as much as others, despite the RPM. Even though the feeding tube size is presented as a pro from the manufacturer, most models are larger, coming in at an average of 3”.

The actual warranty on components is one year for the blades and screens, five years on the juicing parts, and only three years on the motor. Their “10-year warranty” is a tad misleading.


  • 1/3 horsepower GE motor
  • Has a homogenizer
  • 1725 RPM
  • 10-year (general) warranty


  • 540-watt motor
  • 1.75 feeding tube
  • A smaller warranty on actual components

Final Thoughts

​Making juices has never been easier with the masticating juicer Which will become a indispensable tool for all kitchen. Instead of buying canned juice on supermarket, you can make your favorite juice with fresh fruit quickly and easily for your daily meal, or your family picnic ( to keep it cold and fresh, you can use one wheel cooler when traveling)

In my eyes, the clear winner of the best masticating juicer is the Hamilton Beach 67601A. Hamilton Beach has been a frontrunner in their respective field of food-related appliances, and once again, they’ve reigned supreme.

Their concise design has allowed them to create 24% more juice, with minimal disadvantages that prove to be more as customer mishaps than a product defect. The product warranty for this machine is straight forward, and very clear, whereas others tack on a higher year count with hidden specifications.

The extra pulp bin in this automatic device allows you to reduce the amount of waste, unlike other models that produce more waste than they claim.


For an inexpensive model that goes above and beyond, the Hamilton Beach 67601A may be the best masticating juicer for you.

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