Must-have Utensils to Start a Small Food Business

The success of every food business or any business is dependent on having the right equipment to get the job done. A food business comes with its own particular demands, and these can be exhausting. However, you can reduce it to the minimum with the requisite utensils.

The small food business industry is growing. More food trucks and small restaurants are popping up here and there. What will make yours stand out isn’t only the quality of your food and the quality of your service. With the right utensils and quality food, you can run a small food business that attracts a five-star review.

In addition, you don’t have to break the bank to get some of these utensils. Some are sold in sets, and you can get them for a good price if you know where to buy them.

Let’s look at some essential utensils you need irrespective of the type of small food business you are starting. You must prioritize quality over affordability when you are shopping for these utensils. There is no point in buying cheaper when it won’t last long.

In no particular order, we have:


This includes everything needed on a serving table like your cutlery, glassware, and serving plates. An investment in a good number of tableware sets would serve your small food business for a long time. Since you are just starting, you can decide to buy tableware sets within the limit of your budget, whether it’s ceramic, glass, porcelain, etc.

Chef’s knife

Cutting, chopping, slicing, all of these activities going on in the cooking process. Your small food business will need an efficient chef’s knife to help out as you cook. Sometimes, a  regular knife doesn’t cut it – no pun intended. They could disappoint you, especially when you need to cut something bulky. So, get a good chef’s knife and save yourself the stress.

Cutting board

Cutting onions, pepper, garlic, meat, fish requires a clean, smooth all-purpose cutting board. You can never go wrong by buying a durable cutting board. There are several types of cutting boards. Whether it’s made from wood or plastic, choose a quality product that will be durable and useful for a long time.

Can opener

We want to assume that your small food business will also serve customers drinks. A must-have tool that you need for opening canned and bottled drinks is a can opener. There are can openers that do more than just open cans of drinks. There are multi-purpose can openers that can open bottle crowns, unscrew bottled wines, remove the lids from jars, etc.

Measuring cups

The art of cooking requires expertise and precision. You need to measure the number of liquids and solids used in the process of cooking. Consider buying a set of measuring cups to help you take care of all things measurement.

Mixing bowls

Whether you run a small bakery that serves bagels & doughnuts, sell sandwiches, or whatever you sell in your small food business, you will need mixing bowls. Now, there are machine mixers that can do all the mixing for you just with the press of a button. However, there is no crime in buying a mixing bowl.


It would help if you had a colander to drain water from your cooked pasta or wash your vegetables. Buy a nice, fairly-big colander to help you do all of these and more.

A Whisk

One of the popular items you will find in most kitchens. A whisk helps you evenly beat your eggs, whip your creams or give a smooth look for ingredients mixtures. Since most whisks are made from metal, buy an ergonomic whisk that isn’t heavy on the hand.


A good grater typically has four parts, each with different hole shapes. Some may have more than four sides. However, the former is great for your new small food business for a start.

Coffee maker

Coffee is a regular item on most food menu lists – it should be a part of yours. To serve great and tasty coffee, you need to get a coffee maker to get the job done faster.

There are different types of coffee makers, each with its unique functionalities. You can browse the internet to get one that fits within your budget. Alternatively, for a new small food business like yours, you may consider the option of a coffee machine rental.

Renting a coffee maker would help your small food business access a coffee machine at a lower cost while you save up to buy your own.


A medium-sized saucepan would help you prepare things like sauce, soup, and stew. A set of saucepans is a must-have for your small food business. As your business revenue grows, you should consider investing in buying larger ones.


Your pot is where all the cooking happens, especially if you would be serving many customers. They come in different sizes and types. You should have plans to buy at least two pots for your small food business as you start.


A spatula has a range of important uses in the cooking process. For your turning, mixing, spreading, the spatula comes in handy. They can also be bought in sets. So, plan on purchasing at least a set of spatulas for your small food business.


A ladle serves a unique purpose. It’s the perfect utensil to serve soup and dispense liquid mixtures. Get a durable ladle as you start your small food business – you will need it.

Microwave oven

In running your food business, there would be times you need to defrost, reheat, and do all sorts. A good microwave oven will help you take care of such needs. A microwave oven is also used for cooking food.

Furthermore, when it comes to disinfecting or deodorizing your kitchen utensils, the microwave oven comes in handy to do these as well. Using the microwave oven, you can disinfect your cutting board, sponges, and other utensils.


A blender is a versatile tool. It can help you do many things as you prepare food for your business. Examples include making smoothies, puree, milkshakes, grinding fruits to make cocktails, etc. They come in different types with varying functionalities. It would help if you considered getting a blender that will be useful in preparing most of the food on your menu list.

A hot plate or electric cooker

You need a source of heat to cook food in your business. A hot plate or electric cooker is your best option to cook food as long as there is a power supply.  


To wrap this up, you don’t have to get all of these utensils at a go. While you save up to get some of these utensils, you can always borrow them from your home kitchen. However, it would be best to plan to get new utensils solely for your business.

In addition, you should prepare a holistic budget that incorporates these essential needs. As you grow in your business, have plans to add new appliances that will make your work faster and neater. Good luck with your new business.

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